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Jun 7, 2007 02:12 PM

Where's the best all you can eat sushi in Vancouver?

A group of my friends are going to Vancouver in two weeks for Dragonboating. We always enjoy good sushi down there (we're from Edmonton) and have usually gone to Ebi and I think the other one was called Ajitaro (by some Toys'R'Us) store near/in downtown. If you have any other suggestions for good sushi (especially sashimi!), please let me know! Can't wait to eat there!

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  1. Interesting, I have never heard of either of those and I couldn't find Ebi by googling. My favorite is Shin Ju on Broadway at Hemlock (the one that isn't upstairs). They have good all you can eat, its not wild salmon but the fish is always a high quality though there is a limit on the sashimi. Not sure what days they are open as I haven't been in awhile.


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      It's "E-Bei," pronounced like e-bay. Had me confused at first too.

      112 - 5901 Granville Street, Vancouver
      Tel: (604) 263-2326

      Went there last week too.. much better than Edmonton's Zen or Calgary's AYCE places. There's no limit of any type on sashimi there.

      I'm not sure of any other places either..

    2. I took my mum and bro to Tanpopo on Denman for all you can eat lunch and we had a great time. My bro left really bummed that for all we ate (I think it was 65 items) we only spent about 30 bucks. He lives in CLeveland and has vowed to move out here when he is done with school. He actually took the bill with him to brag to all his friends about the awesome sushi for no money we had LOL

      1. We like going to Shin-Ju as well. It's good as far as AYCE is concerned. Tomokazu, also on Broadway is OK, but the service kind of sucks. BC Sushi (again, on Broadway) is fairly decent, but not fantastic or anything. They always forget to bring us stuff that we've ordered. And it's kind of pricey - we were there last week, and I think they've discontinued the late night sushi special. Always busy anyway.

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