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Jun 7, 2007 02:11 PM

Best Bakery for Birthday Cake (Dallas)

I did a quick search and didn't see much discussion around which bakeries have the best cakes in Dallas. I live near downtown, but office up in Plano so any location between would be great. I saw good things about Doughmonkey, but since they have closed their retail business I'm not sure how easy it is to go and see what the cakes look like. I'd like to get something that looks as good as it tastes.

Anyone have thoughts around Romano's, Society Bakery, Dallas Affairs, La Duni?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Dallas Affairs hands down. Their cakes are pretty and the taste is divine. They did my wedding cake and have done several other cakes for me in the past and all have been nothing short of fabulous both in looks and especially in taste. I adore Dallas Affairs.

    I like La Duni, but just for a slice, I don't think their cakes are as good as Dallas Affairs'.

    Ditto for Romano's and Society.

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      I second Dallas Affairs. They also did our wedding cake, and counter to my experience eating barely edible wedding cakes, this one was delicious and there was not a crumb left. We've also gotten birthday cakes from them and they were good.

      I have no experience with the other bakeries that you've listed.

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        Yes Dallas Affairs. They never disappoint. They are the best. Every now and then they will do slices. you might go by and see if you can get a taste.

        Dallas Affairs
        Dallas, TX, Dallas, TX

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        1. Fancy Cakes By Lauren - west side of Central, south of Forest, north of Northaven. Excellent tasting, beutiful cakes.

          1. La Duni...IMO, no contest...

            1. The past few times I've been getting cakes from Cretia's on McKinney.

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                Cretia's has a brunch on the weekends..I've been thinking about trying it..Any good?

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                  The cakes are quite good, though sometimes they're TOO rich for several of my coworkers. The red velvet and sour cream chocolate cakes were just too over the top for us. But most of the others have been great.

                  Black Forest Bakery has some good cakes too-- swiss madrisa being my favorite so far.

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                    I've had the brunch. The menu isn't what it should be, very limited. There's a couple of eggs benedict options and some french toast. The bisquits and gravy were good. They reminded me of the cheese drop bisquigs made from Bisquick, but bigger. Other than that I was totally unimpressed. Stick to the bar and bakery.