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Dinner Options in Vancouver, BC -- Near Marriott Pinnacle Hotel Downtown

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Looking for casual, but excellent quality dinner options within walking distance of the Marriott Pinnacle hotel in downtown Vancouver. Would be about 6 of us for an after meeting casual business dinner. Open to all cuisines and not overly concerned with $$.



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  1. The restaurant in the hotel of the Pinnacle is actually really good itself (definately a cut above other "hotel restaurants".
    For excellent chinese, Kirin on Alberni between Bute & Thurlow is very good.
    CinCin on Robson St is also excellent for Italian food.

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      Guu on Water street in Gas Town - about a 5-10 min walk from the hotel. A must for anyone who has never been. Great food, outstanding atmosphere & wonderful service. A great place to go with a bunch of people as the plates are ment for sharing....so the more people the more options!