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Jun 7, 2007 01:55 PM

Great Barrington spots/ bar menu?

I am now living in Sheffield, MA., just south of Great Barrington, after a decade on the Vineyard where we dined in glorious style for three or four months and then barely coped the rest of the year. Thankfully, a few good places stay open year round, but the pickings are few and us foodies get restless for change. Great Barrington seems to be a nice little mecca for people who like good food. Now that winter and spring are over, I am ready to go out. Any special favorites out there? I have tried a couple but am really interested in your opinions as I am so new to this area and still get lost unless I am on Route 7 or Railroad Street. I had a divine cocktail at Pearl's recently but have never eaten there, and I know that there is a new spot across the way. I often, but not always, eat alone, which I do not mind, so I like to sit at the bar and try the bar menu. Usually that is a lot of fun. Thanks!

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  1. Well. I am heading out to Great Barrington this weekend to explore. I am new to Chowhound and maybe no one knows of any good places there. I hope to have some fun none the less and thanks to all. Take care.

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      We like the hamburgers at Pearl's bar...give them a try!

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        Thanks. Ended up at Pearl's and a good time was had by all.

    2. welcome to sheffield! i was born & raised in sheffield. i moved away for 10 years to FLA & CA but now im back with my husband to raise our daughter here.

      i have LOTS of info for you!

      first, im sure everyone knows what im going to say first: goto JOHN ANDREWS. no i dont work there, i just highly highly highly rave about it every chance i get. it is in south egremont and it is wonderful. i have been there about 7 times in the last year and everytime i love it.

      also in south egremont, the OLD MILL. the atmosphere is really nice. very cozy bar area. the food is very good, not as good as JA, but very good. they did just get a new chef though ( the owner is chef so i should say new addition to the kitchen ) and he is getting RAVE reviews but i havent been since he has started.

      in sheffield: well, not much to choose from in this tiny town. there is STAGECOACH TAVERN that is on rt 41 / undermountain road. it is a great place. the inside is very nice, very rustic and comfy cozy. i have eaten there 2 times since they changed owners and some of the food was fabulous, some of it not so much. i would go for a drink at the bar at least.

      there is a take out place in sheffield called SANTOS: its in a not so nice bar right in the center if sheffield, but the FOOD IS REALLY GOOD. perfect for take out.

      just down the road on rt 41 into CT there is PASTORALE in lakeville ( about 20 min away ) and i have been there 2 times and actually going this saturday for dinner too. i LOVE this place. great food and awesome interior.

      also in CT, there is restaurant moosilauke in kent that i was very impressed with. absolutely beautiful atmosphere.

      in great barrington: PEARLS, yes i love pearls. have been there many times and always enjoy. CASTLE STREET CAFE has a good bar area and a seperate bar menu that sometimes is very good and sometimes not worth the $$$. go and have a drink at least. BIZEN is a sushi place on RR street and supposed to be really good, im not a sushi person so i dont know. KOI is a really tasty chinese restaurant in great barrington. there is a brand new restaurant on RR street called ALLIUM, i havent been yet but looks very nice. for more casual there is BABA LOUIES PIZZA which is AWESOME and right next door is SIAM SQUARE THAI food that is good too.

      in new marlborough (sp ) there is a really good place called the OLD INN ON THE GREEN and in west stockbridge i have been hearing wonderful things about ROUGE.

      also in lenox there is CHEZ NOUS & CAFE LUCIA which i havent been to either, but hear very good things about both.

      hmm....i think thats it for now, that should get you started! type in john andrews on the search and you will get many posts. ( and others too )

      good luck and welcome to the neighborhood!


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          Good- I love bar menus. Since I am new to this area, when I want to go out at the last minute, I often go alone, and a bar menu is the way to go. Thanks!

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          Thanks SO much! This is a huge help! I am really psyched to get out there now. Have had the Baba Louis pizza and am in total agreement that it is the best. One of my daughters is a vegan and when she was here we ordered two that she could eat, We all wolfed them down and we all loved them. I am going to Chez Nous on Saturday night with a visiting sibling and my parents who like good food. I ate at the Boathouse in Lakeville CT once which was good (sat at the bar) and they had good sushi. Also the Woodland in Lakeville. (All about 20 minutes from here.) It was yummy and VERY crowded. John Andrews sounds like a must. MANY thanks!

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            i have been to the woodland, but years ago before it switched owners and i really enjoyed and i have been the boathouse about 5 years ago, good too. this weekend im going to pastorale in lakeville and i will report back. i have been there twice and LOVE it. martins is a GREAT place and the greek place is called agean (sp) breeze. i havent been though....enjoy and please report back!!!!

            1. re: mvi

              I LOVE Baba Louie's as much as I love any of the pizzas I can get in boston. Their BBQ chicken pizza with smoked gouda is to die for!

            2. re: niccole

              niccole dear,
              You gotta drag your buns out of J.A.'s every once in awhile.
              Go to Rouge, you'll love it! They'll let you back into J.A.'s, honest injun! :-))

              1. re: Harp00n

                i know! i know! i am dying to try rouge and i swear its next on my list :)

                1. re: niccole

                  Oh, now I want to go to Rouge....This weekend it's Chez Nous. Then Rouge, then JA's. I can't thank you all enough. Is the Lion's Den at the Red Lion Inn any good in terms of a bar menu/ atmosphere? Do you know? I see they have music.

            3. Everytime we hit GB we eat at The Castle Street Cafe, by no means a cafe but a fine eating place.


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                Thanks, Eric. I will try it out next week.

              2. I got to GB frequently on weekends, and though it is not a dinner spot, I love Martin's for breakfast or lunch. It's not a lot to look at, but the food is reasonably priced and I'm never disappointed with the eggs benedict.

                For dinner, I enjoy going to the greek place (can't remember the name) - it's on the same street at McDonald's and Catherine's Chocolates (not in the center of town). Sorry I can't be more specific.

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                  Funny enough, I was at Martin's yesterday (Sunday) for brunch/ lunch. My friend had the Eggs Benedict w/ salmon and I had poached eggs. Both came with extras like plenty of toast, grits, home fries, etc. The friend I was meeting was over a half an hour late and the place was packed, with people waiting in the doorway for a table, so I apologized to the waitress who could not have been nicer about it. She said it happens all the time and gave me more tea. So the service gets an A +. Loved the meal. Everyone was recycling their Sunday papers and it was a fun atmosphere. Only hard part for me was the noise level - at times I was struggling with that, but hey, it's breakfast, the coffee's hot, and the tables are tight. I had fun and that's what counts. Thanks! I will try the Greek place. Staying away from chocolate and MacDonald's these days.........

                2. Some of these posts are a bit dusty, but we were in Great Barrinton this past weekend -- July 2008. We went to Pearl's with two other couples and everyone was very happy with their meals. My salmon was perfectly cooked. My wife had the signature halibut dish which was truly excellent. Our friend were equally happy with the scallops, and burgers. The truffle fries were addicting. Overall, Pearl's still has it.

                  Our friends also liked Agean Breeze on Route 7 just outside of town. They said it was less sophisticated preparations and less atmosphere, but good fresh grilled seafood. It maybe worth a shot.