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Jun 7, 2007 01:36 PM

[SEA] Sante Fe Cafe

I have driven by this restaurant for years, but have yet to visit. I often crave the green chile bliss that is NM cuisine. Is Sante Fe any good? Any recent reports?

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  1. I eat there semi-regularly. I don't know that I can speak to it being authentic or not, but, it is good. I enjoy it, at least. The queso dip is extremely guzzlable. =)

    1. A friend of mine took us there a few months ago because he and his girlfriend like the place. Of the things I tried, the artichoke dip was by far the best, but I couldn't figure out what, if anything, was New Mexican about it. Another friend had what she always has: the blue cheese quiche. She liked her dish as usual, but I resisted the temptation to order it because I didn't think it would be representative of New Mexican cuisine and that's what I was there to try. I should have ignored my own nagging feelings because I had the tamales and was pretty disappointed. There was no flavor in the tamales. The meat was too dry and I can't remember anything at all about the sauce now that I think about it. I forget what my husband had, but I remember he kept commenting on a distinctly fishy flavor in his non-fish dish...

      1. Haven't been there for awhile, but Santa Fe used to be one of the favorite spots of the professional foodies in town. With one exception, I could never figure out why. Have no idea if New Mexican cuisine is really what they serve, but it always seemed very heavy and somewhat tasteless to me. The one exception is their desserts--they were very good.

        1. I've only been once, because I was unimpressed on my first visit. The food wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything special. I would have to concur with PAO - the food is very heavy and kind of bland.

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            Yes, my impression was that the food was heavy and bland, too. I hate when places oversalt, but the food at Santa Fe Cafe could have used at least a little...

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              I don't like to bad mouth restaurants but I have to agree. I was very disappointed. I was hoping to find a restaurant in town with kick ass green chile recipes but alas this is not the place.