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Jun 7, 2007 01:31 PM

Restaurants near Mandarin Oriental?

I am going to be in DC soon for a conference and want to know some good restaurants to try. 1 expensive and 2-3 moderately priced spots. Can anyone help?

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  1. Well, IN the Madarin Oriental are two places to definitely try -- CityZen for a dump out your wallet dinner, and Cafe Mozu for something slightly more reasonable and still quite good.

    I think Rasika, a nouveau Indian place that my wife raves about is someplace reasonably close (I think), but google it and see if I am right or wrong.

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    1. re: Pool Boy

      Rasika is in Penn Qtr which is a Metro or taxi trip away. This would be the case with most places, SW (where hotel is located) is not known for its culinary treats. Well maybe the warf for some seafood at lunch.

      1. re: MrsWheatie

        Second MrsWheatie's sentiments about SW restaurants outside the Mandarin. Nothing else worth visiting is within easy walking distance. So seeing as you'll need to use Metro or a taxi, most anything in DC proper you'll see discussed on this board becomes a 5-10 minute proposition. Think about Citronelle for your $$$$.

    2. Even though I've never been I would def. try CityZen if you are staying in the hotel and looking to spend some serious cash. It's one of the top restaurants in the city and from what I hear its wonderful.

      Unfortunatly I know a few people who have had a completly opposite and bad experience at Cafe MoZu so I can't recommend that place.

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      1. re: Elyssa

        Was it service related or food? The food I had there was great, especially their 'onion rings'. The service was a little slow though, I will have to admit.

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          I think it was a combination of everything...but I wasn't present so I couldn't say. I just know a group of friends went and were exstremly upset when they left.

        2. re: Elyssa

          I've eaten at Cafe Mozu a number of times and always enjoyed it. Perhaps it wasn't what your friends expected. It is Asian fusion and best enjoyed as a series of small plates. Service was always fine and a great view if you get a table next to a window. I don't think one should say that you "can't recommend" a restaurant if you haven't eaten there.