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Jun 7, 2007 01:30 PM

Homemade ice cream recipes?

I'm looking for a good recipe for classic vanilla ice cream and/or vanilla ice milk. Just bought an ice cream maker, and its included recipes haven't turned out so well. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Bruce Weinstein's book The Ultimate Ice Cream Book has an amazing vanilla bean - sadly I'm useless in getting you the recipe - it's packed up with the rest of my kitchen but maybe someone else has it. It's a great book to have, I bought it for the green tea ice cream but it is my go to book for ice cream recipes.

    1. David Lebovitz has a great ice cream/frozen dessert book "The Perfect Scoop".
      He also posts some recipes on his web site
      I've been reading the book cover to cover, the recipes look great. Soon to try some.

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        this one gets my vote. I'm cooking (freezing?) my way through this book. The vanilla is really great - both the philadelphia style, and the french custard style. Although I slightly lower the sugar and yolk content in the custard one, because that seems to be the most popular variation with us.

        Like the others, I'm curious to know what you didn't like about the previous ice cream recipes you tried.

        1. re: Gooseberry

          We use the Lebovitz book as well. Every recipe so far has been a winner. I make the Philadelphia vanilla most often(using 2 c cream and 1 cup whole milk). It's great by itself or as a base for something else(we used it for delicious cherry vanilla last week).

          The hot fudge sauce in this book is also a real winner.

          1. re: ziggylu

            is the hot fudge the thing you swirl through the ice cream, too? I tried that, with disappointing results. Couldn't work out if I'd managed to burn the sauce, or if it was supposed to taste both cloying and sharp at the same time.

            1. re: Gooseberry

              It's the first hot fudge sauce in the book. I forget what he calls it...there's two different hot fudge sauces I believe. I've been using callebaut when I make it and it's really good. Nice and dark. Thickens up like a ganache.

        2. re: BeeZee

          You can find David's recipe for vanilla on his website:

          We are pretty nuts about our ice cream maker and use it at least two or three times a month. If you have room to keep the bowl in the freezer you will end up using it all the time! I have written about a lot of recipes including Bourbon pecan, country peach, creme fraiche with candied meyer lemon peel, and more if you're interested!

        3. I think vanilla is actually harder than other flavors. I can't make homemade vanilla better than store-bought vanilla. Other store-bought flavors have been easy to better. I would be curious what tips people have for vanilla.

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            I totally agree. I can buy decent quality vanilla ice cream in the store, but in my machine, it's my moby dick.

          2. David Lebovitz has a wonderful recipe for vanilla frozen yogurt in his book The Perfect Scoop. I actually used half the amount of sugar he called for because I prefer it less sweet, and 2% Fage yogurt, because I prefer it less rich. So, some would say that's not his recipe...but he was the inspiration! It's not ice milk, but unless you dislike the flavor of yogurt, I daresay it's worth trying a batch.

            I haven't yet tried his recipes for vanilla ice cream, though the recipe for salted butter caramel on his website is weak at the knees, swooning delicious. I doubt you could go wrong with his book.

            1. This was my favorite ice cream as a child....a real Southern favorite. I haven't had it in years but my grandma made batches of it every week when I was young. I got this version/recipe from Texas Monthly as my grandma never had a "measured" recipe.

              Big Red Ice Cream

              1 quart whipping cream
              2 cans sweetened condensed milk
              1 ten-ounce package frozen strawberries (optional)
              3 cans of Big Red (36 fluid ounces)

              Mix all of the above ingredients in a large bowl. Stir well. Pour into an ice cream freezer and fill freezer to fill line with milk.

              Yields: 1 gallon or 1 1/2 gallons

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                1. re: emilief

                  Big Red is a soda (mainly sold here in the south). See here: It's bottled in Waco, Texas (also home to Dr. Pepper!).