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Jun 7, 2007 01:27 PM

Is a rice cooker worth it?

We are a family of two that eats rice once or twice a week. Is it worth it to buy a rice cooker? Which is a good model for a small quantity of rice. Thanks.

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  1. Omigod yes. You don't have to watch it and it always turns out beautifully. Not just good for rice, either: I do oatmeal and bulgur in it, and I would guess you could cook anything where the water is completely absorbed. I have the cheapest 3 cup Panasonic (maybe $25) and it's changed my life.

    1. Absolutely. Couldn't live without the rice cooker. We are also a family of two, and I have found the smallest model Tiger brand rice cooker with the rice warming function and the non-stick surface to be very good for smaller quantities of rice. Unless you like the burnt rice layer at the bottom of the bowl, in which case skip the non-stick surface. The smallest model usually makes four cups of cooked rice max.

      1. Definitely yes! If you're lucky enough to have an asian market near you, they should have a no-name brand for around $20. Definitely get one. Easy to clean, makes the greatest jasmine rice. You won't regret it.

        Although my father swears by his caldero, it is always soaking in the sink for at least a day with crusty rice. I'd go automatic nonstick for sure.

        1. I lived on stove-top rice for years. It wasn't bad, but I never thought it was as good as the first batch with my rice cooker. I get very consistent results and it's a complete no-brainer.

          Personally I own one of the fancier Zojirushi rice makers and it's been fabulous. Very easy to clean and well made. When you do get one, look to see if it's made in Japan. I've heard of people having trouble with some of the electronics from the Chinese versions.

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            If you get a zojirushi you can also cook other things in it!! oatmeal, etc. - and there's a timer for when you want the food finished that's really convenient. i love the no-brainer element too. but i had other cheaper brands for years & they work just as well.

          2. I'm a single person household. I never thought I would buy a rice cooker. Well guess what? I did. I love it.I bought the least expensive smallest one at Target. I can't live without it.I got the one you can steam your veggies over your rice. Small, cheap easy to clean!!! You can't lose. When I have leftover the dogs get it. Definitely a good thing to have around as opposed to a buch of useless gadgets I bougth and never used. I even bought one for my mother.My father is a big rice lover and even he can figure out how to use it!!!!
            I say go for it!