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Jun 7, 2007 01:24 PM

Pho: Financial District/St. Lawrence

I am happy to be moving, but am so sad to be moving away from my favourite Pho joint. I may not survive. Any suggestions on a great place for Pho in the Financial District/St. Lawrence Market area???? Help!

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  1. Sorry, hmclean. I think you are out of luck. Nothing in these parts other than the food court ones.

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    1. re: courgette

      Agreed. The only place I could think of that sells Pho is Thai Island (I think that's its name) in the CP Tower of the TD Centre.

      1. re: eller

        Best places I could find were Noodle Concept (its at a random food court i ran into in the Path on the way to the Sheraton Centre, with Hero Burger, Cultures, and a bagel place) and I guess Thai Island.. good noodle soup, but definitely not pho.

        1. re: jayseeca

          That food court is the Richmond Adelaide Centre, between Exchange Tower and Sheraton Centre. There is a newish place called Saveur Saigon which also does Pho but I haven't tried it yet. Noodle Concept is good for food court fare but doesn't really compare with the top Pho places. Will do in a cravings pinch.

        2. re: eller

          dyou mean the one in exchange tower? if yes, PLEASE DO NOT GO THERE!!! i heard that this one has had problems regarding its cleanliness...

          1. re: jennjen18

            No, it's not in the Exchange Tower but keep going north on the PATH and the food court is to your right just past Adelaide. Which place in the exchange tower had cleanliness problems?

          2. re: eller

            I tried the TD place recently. It was pretty tasteless. I think you'll have to make the trek to Chinatown to fulfill your cravings. Better than being disappointed as I was. :(

        3. I think there is a new Vietnamese restaurant on Front St. (not sure if north or south side) east of Jarvis - I haven't been there, but a friend went by last night and said it's a little place with just two tables (maybe more of a take-away place?). Anyway, I'm excited to check it out.

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            In my experience, most Vietnamese joints not catering to a Vietnamese audience are usually pretty lame.