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Jun 7, 2007 01:11 PM

Cleveland OH hound coming to Nashville


I'll have the bulk of 1 day to see and do a few things but will be getting out of town by late afternoon to drive to middle, TN where I'll be staying for the weekend (June 22-24).

I'm really not interested in touristy places. Am looking for chowish restaurants. Also wondering if the farmer's market is good as I would like to pick up some food to take with me. Where I'll be traveling there is absolutely nowhere palatable to eat and the last frozen dinner I tried to buy from the local grocery was freezer burnt due to age and their veggies were all pretty sad. I will have a fridge and microwave where I'll be staying but that's it. If there's a wine shop, that would be cool too. Any other tips/advice you all have would be great. Thx!

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  1. Here's an itinerary that is easy to find and get around and will satisfy the 'hound in you, and that you might not find on your own. You could even ditch the car and go on foot (except that it's really hot here). Lunch at either Tin Angel on West End or Park Cafe on Murphy Road in Sylvan Park, These are just about half a mile apart, sidewalk all the way, and both just off I440. Both good, not terribly overpriced, locally owned.

    Wine shopping at Grand Cru, on Murphy Road, with a grocery stop at Produce Place, also on Murphy Road. Local, organic, whole foods, local bread, local cheeses, bulk dried fruits and small but good selection of canned and frozen.

    If Tin Angel and Park Cafe don't seem gritty and authentic enough for you, here are two more. Sylvan Park Restaurant is a modest low white block building dive with meat-n-three that varies from acceptable to good. It's also open for dinner, which is a true rarity. Across the street (ish) from Park Cafe.

    About half a mile nearer town on West End is Hog Heaven barbecue, next to Centennial Park, behind the rubble pile that was a MacDonald's (and is being rebuilt). Good 'cue from a dilapidated shack. This park is pretty, and is great for strolling, relaxing, and the Parthenon usually has an acceptable art show on.

    Our farmers' market is in the midst of a transition from bulk reseller to real live local farmers market, so I don't recommend it.
    Good travels to you.