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Jun 7, 2007 12:54 PM

Saccone's - what am I missing?

I hit Saccone's today to give it another shot. I have heard nothing but praise for its "authentic east coast pizza joint" since I have moved here seven years ago, from NY (and NH before that). Every time I have eaten there, I have been very disappointed. First, the salads are better at Mcdonald's. A mound of iceberg lettuce, two paper thin flavorless tomato slices and three small rings of green pepper with bottled ranch do not a good salad make (at the very least where is the requisite pepperocini?!?!).

Second, the pizza is so thin that the bottom is always soggy and the cheese comes off in a solid sheet at the first bite due to the grease. Granted the cheese and crust flavor is very good, it still tastes/looks like a poorly executed mess. And the sauce has none of the spicy/slightly sweet zing I am used to. While both Homeslice and Salavation have problems mainly consistancy for the former and service for the latter, at least their salad dressings are (or at least taste) homemade and authentic, and the pizza crust and cheese stands up to the test of eating. Please, I am begging you, to tell me what I am missing about Saccone's because I am about to write it off forever. If there is a special way I need to order or dishes that are very good please tell me.

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  1. My advice would be to head an exit or two south to Reale's and share a pie there. ;) They use the type of sauce that you described above.

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    1. re: jwynne2000

      I completely agree with both of you!

      Saccone's is very over-rated and I have no idea why.

      Reale's is great and often does lunch specials!

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        Re Reale's, what's the atmosphere like? Their website shows what appears to be white tablecloths. I have been reluctant to go because it appears a bit stuffy. I prefer the casual order-a-slice-and-salad-at-the-counter approach. But would like to try Reale's bcs of the comments here on chowhound....

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          It isn't like you think, but they do have table service. It is more like a family run place in the northeast with entrees, hoagies, pizza, etc. Maybe there are candles at night, about like Romeo's. There is one surly waitress that may be off putting at first (she has a deadpan smart-aleckness), but she really nice down deep, so be forewarned. I commented to her how good the grated parm was on the table and she brought me a whole to go cup of it!

          We don't order slices though - go for whole pie, well done. At lunch on Monday a large is $3 off.

    2. Where are you hearing "nothing but praise"?

      In reading chowhound posts, I've seen a wide range of opinions of Saccone's, from raves through luke-warm acceptance to disappointment. It's rare that any place gets unalloyed praise here, which is what I love about this site. I find a pass through the observations of fellow 'hounds (especially those who give enough detail to relate their tastes to mine) gives me a reasonable reality check. Here are a couple that have helped me resist a second visit to Saccone's.

      1. I think that Saccone's may be suffering from "mass praise from Northeasterner Syndrome".

        They can execute if they know that they have to. I know you shouldn't have to, but let the pizza chef know that you are serious about the pizza and treat the teenager at the cash register well... if you are willing to put up with the hassle.

        The owners know their stuff but there is little, if any, pressure for them to perform to the original standard that they, indeed, did set.

        I used to go at least once every couple of months... but I've given it a rest for a long time. The consistency is non-existant. My husband's family is from New Jersey (mom, dad and five siblings), and they were happy the first couple of times I treated them, they are no longer interested AT ALL.

        Initially, the crust was crisp, the sauce was applied with a light hand, the ingredients were very flavorful. My last SEVERAL experiences, the crust was soggy, over garliced, watery sauce and forgetful toppings.

        I still think that they could pull it out, though, they may not be willing to make the effort.

        Sorry so long...

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        1. re: Rene

          Since Dan,the owner,became non present the quality plummeted.You can ask them to keep the pie in the oven a couple extra minutes or just bark"burn it" at the baker and hope for the best.

        2. salvation may be some of the worst pizza i have ever had in austin. I'd rather eat pizza classics! besides the service being non-existent, the pizza was bad bad bad.

          homeslice has been pretty good. had a pie (well done) from Reale's last week. it was excellent.

          I've been liking slices and ices on the drag. they know what they are doing and if you tell them to keep it in the oven for an extra minute or two you will be fine.

          never had sacc's. it is too far north to be decent.

          yeah, i'm native nyc but I have been here long enough to realize beggars can't be choosers...