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Jun 7, 2007 12:43 PM

Non-touristy affordable crabhouse in Baltimore?

My husband and I are spending the day in Baltimore this Sunday for our anniversary and want to go to a non-touristy, not too pricey crabhouse in Baltimore that serves crabs for lunch (Mr. Bill's is only open for dinner). I've been doing some research on the internet and have come up with LP Steamer's as a possibility. Does anyone have some other choices (or feedback on LP Steamer's)? It would be great if we could find a place where we could get less than a dozen crabs. I usually only wind up eating 2 or 3. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Throw the "not too pricey" notion out the window!
    I am not a big fan of LP Steamers so I can't recommend it. The Crab deck at Captain James Landing has pretty decent crabs but they are pricey. They open I think at 2pm. Bo Brooks is another option because I am pretty sure they are open for lunch but they are very touristy since they are right on the water (Captain James Landing is on the water too for that matter). You can always just order a half dozen most places.

    1. I've found most crab houses don't run crabs until 4 or 5pm.
      Are you going to have your own transportation?
      Other places to consider;
      Costas Inn 410 477 1975
      Gunnings Seafood
      Crab Quarters 410 686 2222

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        I think for lunch Costa's Inns might be your best bet. Next to Mr. Bills, I think it's one of the more consistent options. My suggestion would be to call ahead, you can you usually reserve the table and the crabs.

      2. I would also advise against LP Steamers, although they're really great and 'down home-y" there and there's a great view from the 3rd floor deck.

        I would strongly second the rec for Costas.

        Happy Anniversary!

        1. Nick's seafood in Cross Street Market is open on Sunday's. Not a crab house per se but should fit your request.

          1. Hi--I live near LP Steamers--it is a local, good spot, but better yet, try Nick's Seafood also in the Locust Point area. COSTA's Inn is also a family favorite for crabs. Pricey, but worth it!