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Spotted: Kabab House in East Windsor NJ

I noticed a sign went up the other day on a storefront on Rt. 130 in the same plaza as City Streets. I'm not sure if it's Indian, Afghan, or some other variety, but it's definitely a Kabab house. Sign mentioned "Chicken, Lamb, Goat". It doesn't appear to be open yet. I hope it's good!

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  1. There's also a Vietnamese restaurant coming in the same plaza.

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      ooh! Do you have the exact address?

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        Usually, address numbers aren't much good on highways like Rt. 130- but it'd be Rt. 130 South, next to the McDonald's which is on the corner of 130 and Dutch Neck Rd. "Landmarks" on the other side of the highway (North) are Wendy's and one of those ugly, giant drug store chains (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid).

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          Well, the address of City Streets is:
          510 US Highway 130
          East Windsor, NJ 08520
          And it's basically right next door.

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          Please do let us know when the Vietnamese spot opens! we're desperate for some here in Princeton. Pho An Dao on 27 is OK and the branch on Rt1 better, but they're rather farther for us than East Windsor...

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            The sign for the Vietnamese restaurant is up! (Yay!)

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              Does anybody know if the Vietnamese restaurant is open yet?

          2. Of course all these good restaurants are coming to the area AFTER I've stopped working in that plaza. We used to be starved for good lunch options since you can only eat so much McD's and City Streets was never any good.

            1. I spotted that same sign. Here's hoping.

              1. I stopped by the Kabab House tonight, and they're open! Unfortunately, I already had dinner. It's Indian, take-out only. Menu includes Chicken, Beef, Lamb, and Goat Kababs, Curries, Biryanis, Naan & other breads. I didn't see any evidence of a Vietnamese restaurant opening, but there are two vacant spaces.

                Asian Halal Meat & Kabab House
                Royal Plaza
                510 Rt 130 South
                East Windsor
                (609) 443-9555
                Open 7 days, 10AM-9PM

                1. I finally got here today... I picked up a lunch of 4 Chicken Kabobs and a Naan. The Chicken Kabob is a Chicken Kofta - ground chicken mixed with finely diced onion, green pepper, and spices and grilled over real charcoal. It was excellent... very fresh, and the diced veggies were still crisp. I'm looking forward to trying some of the other items on their menu.

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                    That's good news. I'll check them out.

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                      Finally tried it - all three kabobs (beef, lamb chicken) Very tasty, a little smokey, nice spicy kick. The chicken kabobs were the juiciest, but all were good. Call ahead, because they take forever. My order took forty minutes.

                  2. Any update on the Vietnamese opening near there? We were thinking of going tomorrow for lunch, as we have a meeting in that general area, but if it's not open, it'd be nice to know ahead of time so we're not disappointed! I guess we could settle for the Kabab House, but it sounds like it's really slow and I'm not sure my SO will have the patience!

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                      I just got word that it's open... will try to check it out later today.

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                        Awesome, cranrob! You rock for being in the advance guard. It's a bit far from Princeton to just drive out to see if it's open, but knowing that it is makes me happy. Course, I must admit, I'll await your posting before schlepping out there ;)

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                            I'm disappointed, though not necessarily surprised, I guess. It's like when I went to Thai Kitchen III, for a second try. Every dish on the entrees list made with chili paste are identical and not really all that flavorful. They control the spicyness simply by adding red pepper flakes, which i could do myself... Anyway, back to your Vietnamese experience. So, fresh but bland, definitely not worth our checking out, unless we went to take one for the team and while eating asked them for hot sauce... Kidding, mostly. Where do you recco in Edison? I've eaten at the place on Rt. 1, which also has a branch on 27 (the Rt1 is better IMO) and I cannot remember its name right now! It's Pho Something...but I'm sure you know what I mean. Anyway, what else in Edison do you like?
                            Thanks, cranrob, for checking out the 130 spot!

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                              In Edison, I really like:

                              Bien Hoa
                              2090 State Route 27
                              Edison, NJ 08817
                              (732) 287-9500

                    2. This place is great. The quality of the goat and lamb is superb, far better than that of the popular Halal/Non-Halal places up in Edison and far northern. I've become fond of their lunch specials. Really good food, at a pretty reasonable price.

                      The chicken biriyani/kebabs are muy delicioso as well. Just don't try the fish.... I didn't like it....maybe it's the fact that they're using a drink fridge to keep it cool. It doesn't work.

                      I think the only thing that'll disinterest non-Asian customers is the fact that it smells like that "Halal Meat Shop" smell. I don't know what it is, but all of them smell the same.

                      Tip: CALL AHEAD!