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Jun 7, 2007 12:13 PM

MSP: Cafe Maude

Does anyone know anything about the new place at 54th and Penn...Cafe Maude? They have been busy transforming the old Conner's into a new place with outdoor seating and a full bar. It looks like they are quite close to opening. Their website (I think it is just has "opening in June" for info. Let us in on the plan if you know it!

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  1. I visited their website and it says "Opening June 12th."

    I used to live in that neighborhood and it will hopefully be a welcome addition. Conner's was a let down. I used to get deli meats for my mom there but anything else I tried was tasteless or worse.

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      Interesting. I considered this my neighborhood until the Diamond Lake bridge was knocked down. Now I'm trapped on the eastern "shore"!

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        1. I live just a few houses down from it. There will be live music, bar, coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think the owner is the same fella that opened Dunn brothers coffee.

          1. Bumping this thread because CG and I went there for dinner last night. We really enjoyed it-- we ate so many of the first course/starters that we didn't even get around to the entrees-- really unusual for us! We started with the house-cut fries with cheese fondue (5$). Very crispy, hand cut skin on medium thickness, hot and fresh. CH thought the cheese sauce was too sweet, but I didn't find it so-- I thought it was nice, mild, not full of gruyere like too many fondues. We shared their grilled halloumi- I thought it had great char marks which gave it a good flavor. I think we should have eaten it right when it came out, because we waited too long and it wasn't as melty as it should have been (but that was totally our fault).

            We also had the parmesan rice croquettes- I thought they were nice, hot and crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, served with a tangy olive relish that was a nice contrast. I did, however, think they could be made a bit better by putting something on the inside, like arancini have the cheese in the middle. We also had corn chowder, a bit bland but had a great smoky bacon and avocado garnish. Next we had their mac and cheese. Made with penne (CG doesn't like penne), he ate it up. I think their cheese sauce is the same as their cheese fondue, which I like a lot, so it was good for me.

            By that time we were full, so we went right for their dessert- chocolate pistachio cake with pistachio ice cream. It was fantastic-- cake drenched in dark chocolate sauce, full of pistachio nuts, topped with a scoop of delicious pistachio ice cream that was actually white, and not that horrid green color. Speaking of green color, there were these drops of intense deep green on the plate that we were told were mint oil. I was a bit squeamish, but they were delicious-- a great twist on that ubiquitous sprig of completely superfluous mint-- I always wonder what to do with it. This was a great thing-- the flavor served to contrast and brighten and cleanse, and you could add it in whatever quantity you wanted with each bite.

            Ellen was our server, and I give her great props for a few things: 1) she herself stuffed some olives with blue cheese for my martini when I gave her "sad face" after she told me they were out of cocktail onions (my martini was supposed to come with both olives and onions), 2) she gave me an extra ramekin of butter to take home with our leftovers since I raved about it, 2) she went to find actual heavy cream for my coffee.

            We can't wait to go back and try entrees next time.