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Jun 7, 2007 11:59 AM

Best Mexican in Tallahassee

I have to put my vote in for La Hacienda II on Bannerman Road on the far northeast side of town (directly south of Killearn Lakes). I grew up in the midwest, lived in the west for 10 years, and travel frequently to Texas/California. I have to say that this restaurant comes the closest to the food I have enjoyed in restaurants in those areas over the years.

If you go, though, don't order the standards (burrito? yawn.). Try their chile rellenos with shrimp, and maybe a side order of taqueria style tacos carne asada (grilled steak) or tacos carnita (slow-cooked pork). They will also serve you tacos de lingua (tacos with beef tongue) if you ask, for those of you who are daring. Their outdoor deck is also the greatest in the summer time.

They are pricier than the others in town, but to me they are the most authentic.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. That's my neck of the woods, pillars. Love the expanded deck. But not too thrilled about the new "scenery". Try their antojitos, sort of a tapas sampler of several dishes.

    We frequent San Miguel on Monroe and find it consistently good. They have a carne asada dish that's almost like a machaca. Strolling mariachis or buskers who can play Vincente Fernandez or norteno tunes if asked. My wife knows the owners. Nice family. Very friendly. Wish they'd bring in more of their own family cooking to the restaurant, but they say it would sell to most of their customers. Usually try to avoid the other places around town. But Los Amigos is close to work and we sometimes amble over for lunch. Much better than Molinas.

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    2. I concur that La Hacienda is probably the best Mexican food and the meat and tortillas taste pretty fresh as compared to other places where all the food is overcheesed and processed, but I prefer the salsa verde, location, and service of San Miguel.

      1. I've been wanting to try La Hacienda, but it's so out of the way for us. We usually stick to La Fiesta, which is consistently tasty if not exceptional.

        1. El Chico has closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe something good will go in there. I never understood how so many mexican restaurants can be on the same road.

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            La Fiesta is outstanding!! I probably eat there weekly for the best salsa in town. I cannot seem to order anything but the Mole Cheese Enchilladas. They are supposed to be chicken but they make them without the chicken and extra cheese for me. My wife on the other hand, cannot order anything but the Verde Cheese Enchilladas. Both are outstanding. I used to always get the Vegetable Quesidillas which are wonderful too. What a great place.

          2. My choice would be either San Miguel or La Fiesta. They are both basically the same restaurant, it really depends on what part of town I am in or want to go to. Service is not so great at either place, but for the price I'm not going to complain too much. I think I prefer the cheese dip at San Miguel just because it usually comes to the table hotter than at La Fiesta.

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              Went to La Hacienda II last night. The food was the best Mexican I've had in this town.

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                Speaking of west coast Mexican, tried the fish tacos at Moe's today. Don't laugh. They were surprisingly good, white (grilled) fish with (optional) corn tortillas, topped with a spicy slaw, pico de gallo, etc. I added their (good) green tomatilla salsa. It wasn't San Diego, but it wasn't half bad to soothe my craving.

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                  Welcome to Moe's!! Always great and affordable. My friends and I love Old Mexico on the Parkway, and we're pretty picky.