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Jun 7, 2007 11:58 AM

Trader Joe's Truffle Oil

Is this any good? Thinking of making some popcorn and sprinkling it on. Any thoughts?

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  1. I love it. I spread a little bit of goat cheese on a whole grain cracker and then drizzle with truffle oil. Yummmmmmmmmmm.

    1. It is excellent for the price,especially when you consider the white truffle oil from Urbani is about $40-60 per 8 ounce bottle. It is hard to go wrong for the price.

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      1. re: mattrapp

        Exactly. Great stuff and for $8 for the 8 oz bottle, you can afford to test it without feeling bad. My first test was over pasta with a little butter...tasted great.

      2. I've only had the White Truffle Oil but I found it sort of chemically tasting. But that could just be me.

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        1. re: digkv

          me too but I think I do not have a well honed appreciation for truffles....

        2. This article may change your thinking about truffle oil:

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          1. re: barndog

            That wasn't the article I saw, but it comes to a similar conclusion. Thanks.

          2. We don't have Trader Joe's in Canada, so I can't be specific about that brand. I've found that some brands of white truffle oil, which contain nothing but olive oil and truffle essence, do add a nice flavour to many foods. Truffle oil on popcorn should be a good flavour combination. But...

            There seems to be a consensus developing among many food professionals that virtually all truffle oils are synthetic, and typically not labeled as such. Considering costs, this seems likely. The oils certainly don't perfume a room like a fresh truffle, yet many brands add a very strong flavour to food.

            Some chefs have acknowledged being fooled. Many take the position that it really doesn't matter as long as it tastes good. Others feel it is a massive fraud. One well known chef (name forgotten) recently threw his supply against a wall. I wish I could recall my source for this info -- any help out there?

            I have found that many white truffle oils (available brand labels seem to change frequently) are indeed overtly synthetic and sometimes noxious. Others have little aroma and less or no taste. But I have sampled a few that added a pleasant truffle undertone to food (whether real or artificial, I know not). I have never personally tasted a black truffle oil worth buying.