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Jun 7, 2007 11:48 AM

Staying at Jiminy Peak (hancock,ma), where should we eat?

We will be at the Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort in Hancock, Ma during the last weekend in June and the hubby and I need good eats recommendations for 2 nice dinners, 2 breakfasts and a lunch. We are happy to do some driving, as I understand there isn't too much that is very close.


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  1. Hi. I just moved to this area a couple of months ago, not far from where you are staying. (It is beautiful.) So, facing a meal with my parents who are going to stay in Lenox, I asked about the best places for dinner in the area and the results turned up Chez Nous in in Lee and Rouge in West Stockbridge. You will be close to Pittsfield, so you could check their spots. I think you'l be in a good location as you can go north to Williamstown and south to Lee, Lenox, Stockbridge and Great Barrington. Great Barrington has a huge variety of places that I am just discovering including amazing pizza, Indian and Thai food and some high end dining that will really impress anyone. In addition, there are some good museums and really fantastic cultural sites like Jacob's Pillow and Tanglewood in the area. Have FUN!!

    1. This is a great place for lunch or a casual dinner. Don't be put off by the cutesy name, Ye Olde Forge Restaurant in Lanesboro is a first-rate roadhouse with terrific pub-grub, entrees, large outside deck and a dizzying array of micro-brews on tap as well as bottles. It's on Route 7S, only a few miles from Jiminy on the right just before you enter Dalton.

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        Enthusiastic second for Old Forge! Great beer-battered calamari - wonderful selection of Weiss beer.

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          I think you mean just before you enter the village of Lanesborough--Dalton is on the other side of Pittsfield. I'm also a fan of The Mill on the Floss in New Ashford--wonderful classic French food in a beautiful old building and terrific service. It's a few miles north of Jiminy. For pub food, I rather like Matt Riley's farther south on 7, which serves good fish at a reasonable price. They have a deck right on the lake.

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            That's what happens when you start posting after midnight, lol. ! Lanesborough it is, but Dalton is easier to spell. Maybe I was thinking of going to The Crane Co. so I could get some of that "special" to print some money. Seriously, I like Matt Riley's a lot but, push comes to shove, The Forge still has the edge, lake or no lake. Finally, The Mill on The Floss is, IMO, an under-appreciated jewel.