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Jun 7, 2007 11:44 AM

A real Tom Collins in SF

Anyone know where I can find a real Tom Collins in the city? I'm talking about someone who uses actual lemon juice and simple syrup/sugar. No lemon-lime mix out of a gun, no bottled Collins mix, and definetely no Rose's lime juice. I'm always afraid of ordering them since so many bars just butcher it, anyone have recommendations?

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  1. Absinthe, in Hayes Valley is a spectacular bar that takes cocktails very seriously and doesn't used premixed anything, so far as I know.

    1. Two places I would try that make excellent, serious cocktails: the bar at the Four Seasons and Rye. Another place where I have seen them using simple syrup and real juice (but for other types of drinks) is La Terrasse. Their bartenders are very serious about their drinks (at least the 3 that I have seen make mixed drinks...)