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Jun 7, 2007 11:42 AM

See's Molasses Chips

does anyone else love these as much as i do?? i can't stop eating them! other things i can't get enough of - the california brittle (i love the saltiness), butterscotch squares (satisfyingly grainy and brown sugary), and butterchews (sooo buttery and chewy).

sadly there are no see's in NYC, but everytime someone visits or i go back to the west coast, i hoard boxes and boxes. yes i know they mailorder, but i love the whole experience -the process of picking and choosing each piece you want in a box, the cheerful ladies and their crisp white uniforms, and of course their free samples they liberally dole out!

all you people who have See's nearby are so lucky!

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  1. I love them too! And the foil wrapped ginger chips are good too. The foil helps slow you down.

    1. omg those are my exact See's favorites, but especially the butterscotch squares. Someone needs to give me a one-pound box of those (cant do that myself, way too decadent).

      Not to gloat, but there is a See's discount shop within 1 mile of my house.

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      1. re: sdnativa

        And I was just going to start a diet! The dark chocolate molasses chips are heaven! And the nougat, and the marzipan, and the butterscotch squares and the ones (can't remember the name) round, covered with dark chocolate and 1 layer of marshmallow and 1 of kind of butterscotchy caramel. Oh, what the heck, I love 'em all!

        1. re: jazzlover

          Scotchmallow, Jazzlover? It's one of my favorites - along with the dark California brittle and the lemon truffle.

      2. Don't forget those amazing toffiettes ....chocolate covered praline, covered with ground nuts to keep your fingers from getting sticky! Trips through SFO airport always include a stop at the See's counter for me.

        I LOVE See's....It is also a very good value for the buck.

        1. Yeah, I know all too well! I work in the Embarcadero Center, and there is a See's at street level there. I am actually now a little burned out, but that is after being here 3 years and having a daily See's habit for about 2 years. I like the chocolate caramel patties, the butterchews, the peanut brittle bars (the individual ones), Awesome bars (nougatty goodness enrobed in dark chocolate), and the walnut squares. The nuts and chews assortment is the way to go - when travelling, I've gotten one at the airport and nibbled from it the whole way back East.