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Jun 7, 2007 11:41 AM

Best Halal Street Cart

Where and what is your favorite? I've been leery to try them for fear of food poisoning until recently, but I have since gotten hooked.

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  1. I would say by the Hilton on 6th Avenue, after hours. And there is only one good one by Financial District on Liberty Street. His carts look clean compare to others, and the only one that sells real basmati rice.

    1. Rafiqui's are good.

      "The Stand" on 53rd and 6th in the evenings has gone downhill. The sauce now comes in a side cup and is not squirted on (which for some reason makes a difference to me). And the quality of the meat has gone down.

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        I'm not experienced with street meat but I wasn't thrilled with "the stand". The sauce is good but the meat was brought in already cooked, it's too thin/flimsy. I couldn't tell the difference in taste between the gyro and chicken. If I'm ever in the mood, I go to the dragonas brothers on madison ave in the 60's. Those guys at least cook chicken breasts on the spot and finish it off on a charcoal grill.

        1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

          I've probably tried a few dozen halal carts in the city, and I find Rafiqi's to be among the worst of the bunch (I've tried at least 3 different locations). Their food tastes the most "canned" to me, meaning it tastes like something that's just been heated up rather than freshly made (I know they do make it fresh, but it doesn't taste like it).

          Add Sammy's in Jackson Heights to the downhill list. I had one of the worst chicken/rice plates there, that I had to just throw out.

          I'm still partial to the Trini-Pak cart at 43rd/6th Ave, and the Kwik Meal carts. Too bad about the 53rd St guys. It was bound to happen.

          1. re: E Eto

            you think the fame has gotten to them? I hear he is "mentoring" another cart right around the corner; I'm always happy with the combo or gyro platter, but sometimes their guys get overzealous with the sauce; still, one of the few places you'll get fresh cilantro on your chicken when they cook it up.

          2. re: NAtiveNewYorker

            I've been to the 6th ave/53rd for the first time about a week ago. They had squirt bottles behind the counter and you could squirt as much white sauce and bbq sauce as you've wanted. The white sauce was good, the food itself was ok, nothing special.

            Check out Midtown Lunch follow up story to NY Mag street food feature:

          3. 5th Avenue around 19th Street. Very good chicken platters.

            1. It's widely thought that the one on 53rd and 6th is the best in the city. I was also partial to the guy at 53rd and Lex when I lived upstairs from him. Lots and lots of cabs and livery cars... which is always a good sign.

              1. I am not sure if you have seen this article, but it runs down the "best" 20 carts in NYC. Hope this helps