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Upscale in/near Redwood City?

All my searches for Redwood City seem produce nothing other than ethnic eats. I need to find a relatively upscale dining experience to wine and dine an important client. A good wine list would be most beneficial as well as great food. Suggestions?

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  1. John Bently has a RWC restaurant.

    1. Maybe Marche in Menlo Park? (I have been very disappointed in RWC's Mandaloun BTW...trying hard but missing the mark)

      1. How about Village Pub in Woodside?

        1. Iron Gate in Belmont, Continental cuisine, website here:

          1. they just opened at restaurant called portobello in rwc.. it's at the movie theater complex, so LOTS of parking.. i would say it's a good place to wine and dine.. good appetizers and entrees...

            1. Chantilly is nearby, I think technicaly in Atherton, right near John Bently. Expensive but definately upscale.

              Marche has pretty good food but too pricey for what you get and the service is spotty.

              1. Town in San Carlos is getting some good reports. I had apps there and it was good. The place can be a bit loud, so if you're looking for something more quiet/austere Marche or Chantilly would be better.

                If you're willing to go to Palo Alto you'll have better luck with Mantra.

                If you're willing to go to San Mateo try Viongier. www.viognierrestaurant.com

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                  Viognier is, I think, your best bet. The atmosphere is warm, perfectly suited to conversation, and sophisticated. Since it's tacked on to Draeger's, the wine list is mighty.


                  It's only five minutes from RWC on 101.

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                    I really think Viognier is overrated, I've eaten there 3 times, been disappointed twice, way to expensive for what they serve and the service is lacking. Nice wine list though. I won't be back, however.

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                    I like the food at both Mantra and Viognier, but the latter has the better wine list.

                  3. Mistral in Redwood City will probably be upscale enough. We had a company holiday dinner there last year, it was pretty good. If you do a search you'll find reviews of it on this board.

                    1. I'm loving the suggestions and so far, Viognier looks the most intriguing (ah, that Duck Dish!)

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                          Azure is okay, but not on the same level as Viognier, Village Pub, or some of the others mentioned here. Azure isn't even the best place on it's block, it's not bad, but I would recommend Town over it (directly across the street).

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                            Azure is on El Camino and Town is on Laurel St -- both in San Carlos. Town has a very busy bar and can be extremely loud. Azure has nicer food and is quiet to the point of sedate. Neither of them are in the same league as Village Pub in Woodside or Viognier in San Mateo, which are better choices for serious upscale food and wine.

                            1. re: san carlos girl

                              Exactly - there is no comparison between Town/Azure and Viognier, unless the comparison you make is structured like this -

                              Town/Azure : Viognier :: The Dumbarton Bridge : The Golden Gate Bridge

                              (been a while since the SAT, not sure if I used all the colons correctly)

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                                I was confusing Azure with another place then. Thanks. I Agree, Town doesn't come close to VP or Viognier. Don't think I suggested otherwise, thanks for pointing that out though.

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                              We've gone to Azure several times. Last time in April will have made it my last. As a customer, I do not appreciated arguing with the waiter in front of my family. The waiter did not want to substitute an item on the menu. I've been there several times before and receieved exactly what I wanted. I even had the same waiter before. After spending $600 on dinner and drinks that night, I will not go back.

                              Thanks for the tip on Viognier and Town.

                            3. Absolutely without a doubt Village Pub is where you want to go. West on 84

                              1. If you're on Laurel Street in San Carlos, I'd strongly recommend Piacere over Town. Very nice room, great service and presentation. Decent wine list. Very solid all around. At the other end of RWC, I second the vote for John Bentley. (The Woodside location is the one I'm familiar with. Haven't been to the former Fabbro's location.)

                                1. I would say that town is nice, but a little overpriced for what you get... i would agree that Piecere would be a better choice. I also like in menlo park Carpaccio, very nice and lovely they have a sister restaurant in san mateo). Been to Voigner, and it is okay, but in terms of first impression, it is over a grocery store, which to some (myself included) might seem odd for an upscale client dinner.