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Jun 7, 2007 11:26 AM

Upscale in/near Redwood City?

All my searches for Redwood City seem produce nothing other than ethnic eats. I need to find a relatively upscale dining experience to wine and dine an important client. A good wine list would be most beneficial as well as great food. Suggestions?

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  1. John Bently has a RWC restaurant.

    1. Maybe Marche in Menlo Park? (I have been very disappointed in RWC's Mandaloun BTW...trying hard but missing the mark)

      1. How about Village Pub in Woodside?

        1. Iron Gate in Belmont, Continental cuisine, website here:

          1. they just opened at restaurant called portobello in rwc.. it's at the movie theater complex, so LOTS of parking.. i would say it's a good place to wine and dine.. good appetizers and entrees...