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Jun 7, 2007 11:19 AM

Birthday Party fun with a big group-mongolian?

I am going out next Thursday to celebrate my birthday with a big group. I am turning 23 but the other members of the group are mid to late 20s. we want a fun group experience. when I lived in Grand Rapids, MI-area, I loved BD's Mongolian BBQ. Does anyone have any suggestions for build your own stir fry places like BD's? We could go to BD's in Bethesda but I have heard it has less than stellar reviews. What does everything think? are there other places? is Flat Top Grill in Ballston still open?

Please help!

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  1. Flat Top in Ballston is gone, but I think BD's in Bethesda is better than Flat Top was anyway.

    I'm not a fan of the build-your-own stir fry (why is it called Mongolian?) though - I've only been to each once with friends.

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      If you want the Mongolian experience, Tony Cheng's in Chinatown is pretty good.

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        I have to disagree with you, DanielK. Tony Cheng's Mongolian BBQ is quite a rip off. If you're going there, go upstairs to the seafood restarant for great Chinese--much better than the Mongolian downstairs.

    2. How about Korean, where you grill your own meat on the tabletop? I don't know how big a table you'd need, but that could be a fun time.

      1. my suggestion doesn't meet the "mongolian" part, but as far as a fun experience with a large group of people i enjoy marrakesh in dc:

        1. There is a Monolian Grill in Bethesda a little North and across the street from BD's which I like a lot better.

          This style of cooking is called Mongolian because that what the first one in LA as called, Colonel Lee's in the San Fernando Valley and in Hollywood. Back then you could ahve grills with slats in them so that the food actually had fire contact making for a tastier product. Still I do love Mongolian BBQ though it is a modern invention.

          The problem with tony chengs for me is that they frown on your making your own sauce so every bowl pretty much tastes like the next if you fall prey to their pressure and let them fix the sauce.