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Jun 7, 2007 11:17 AM

Mi Piace quick review

So I tried out Mi Piace in Pasadena last night since it's my girlfriend’s favorite place. The night was about having fun and she wanted to go there. So I took her and first as an aside I am pretty sure she will comment on this because I don’t think the restaurant could do wrong in her book cause they make her favorite linguini and clam’s there but my opinion differs entirely. The ambiance was nice but can't say I was overwhelmed by anything in particular except for maybe the hustle and bustle of the place, which got very loud at times. But that is kind of what this place is about so I don’t fault them for that. We had a 7:30 reservation, upon arriving at 7:30 they told us that we had to wait for a table to leave and be cleared. There were visibly 4 tables open and cleaned; they could have sat us at any of them. So I gave the hostess about 10 minutes and then I gave her a hard time and she sat us at one of the open tables. Our waitress however was superb, so as to reviews on bad service we had the opposite experience, she was more attentive then 99 percent of hostess's I’ve had.” Before I get to the food just a side note "my fork was crusted with someone else’s baked on pasta sauce." The food was mediocre I’ve had more impressive things at Applebee’s or Fridays. But the calamari appetizer was really good. I ordered a Creamy Fusilli with shitake mushrooms and had chicken added, the price for this was 18.95. The chicken was way!!!!! overcooked the outside was brown and tough, the sauce was bland I added a ton of salt and pepper and made it tolerable. My girlfriend had the linguini with clams and I did taste it, it was good but not the mind-blowing taste she had described to me : ). I can’t comment on the desert but she said it was good it was the tiramisu and to me it looked quite dry and not very appetizing. My overall thoughts are that this restaurant is overpriced and the chowhounders that have posted on it before were spot on with their bad reviews. I'll probably go back again because she loves it but if I was choosing a place I would steer clear of here. The good news is I got to see what lurked behind the ridiculously named ugly Thai Italia sign, which isn’t half bad inside I plan on trying it out sometime soon.

But I did have a nice time and thats all that really matters :)


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  1. Although I've never had a full meal there, I think the strength of Mi Piace is its location and layout. There are many restaurants on Colorado Blvd., but there aren't many restaurants with a sidewalk patio directly on Colorado Blvd. I appreciate the review. I hope the food is better than Applebee's or Fridays. I like chain restaurants, but those are two that I don't like very much.

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      I've had great fajita's at friday's before I can't say my entree here was great at all. But there may be something great on the menu..... I just didn't find it.


    2. you've only confirmed what many of us have unfortunately experienced...sorry, but thanks for taking one for the team...see if the GF might at least go to Il Fornaio if she likes that Old Pasadena buzz. I've had reasonable food there, nothing stellar but definitely better than anything at Mi Piace...they make a good vodka martini which helps improve any subpar dining experience. Better yet, your turn for a bad day...ask her to go to Brigantis to help you cheer up...order the clams there...she'll never go back to MP again.

      1. Next time take your gf to Fraiche for spaghetti vongole (imho it's better with spaghetti), the clams are plump and just barely cooked, pasta nicely al dente, and a nice balance of olive oil/butter. But she may need to get two orders, the portions are small.

        1. Next time hit up Briganti in South Pasadena (a 1/2 mile south of Mi Piace) when both of you feel like Italian again.

          1. Well when she takes me out I want to go to Vibrato :) looks like a fun place.

            Thanks for the suggestions were out there allot so we'll surely try some of these.