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Jun 7, 2007 11:07 AM

Vegetarian recommendations for downtown Seattle

Hey Chowhounders!

Any good recommendations for a couple of vegetarians to grab lunch in downtown Seattle? We're in the 2nd and Marion area. The restaurant doesn't need to be specifically vegetarian - just one that would provide us a few yummy veggie options would be great!

Thanks for you help!

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  1. the felafal at zaina's (1st/cherry) is the best in the city - if you can shlep as far as the market, pan africa (1st between pike/pine) has an extensive and delicious vegie menu.

    1. I work at 2nd and Columbia and eat mostly vegetarian (more flexetarian). Some good lunch options:

      - Cherry Street Coffee on 3rd and Marion (or Cherry bet 1st and 2nd) has some good vegetarian sandwiches and soups. Their black bean soup is nice.

      - Mae Phim Thai on Columbia just west of 1st is tasty, although not particularly authentic. Big portions, half the menu is vegetarian, very nice staff, and very satisfying food.

      - Cilantro (also Thai) is on Marion just west of 1st. I’ve always liked their fried rice, which you can get veggie.

      - Agree on Zaina's, and many things on their menu are vegetarian

      - There’s an Indian place on 1st just south of Yesler with good vegetarian options.

      - If you can walk that far, the Grand Central Bakery on 1st about two blocks south of Yesler in the arcade building has great sandwiches. Try the egg salad. Just be prepared for a wait; they have a tiny kitchen space and are very popular.

      - Tons of options in the Market (just search the various past threads here, but some faves include the Sisters sandwich place in Post Alley, Café Yarmarka just behind the Sisters place for Russian food, the Crumpet Shop for great soup sand sandwiches, or going to El Puerco Lloron and asking for their guacamole tacos with black beans and rice – it’s not on the menu but they will in fact make you guacamole tacos)


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        'Taste of India' on 1st & Yesler is criminally bad, at least for lunch. Really, this set the bar for "worst lunch in Seattle that didn't actually sicken me" the last time I went.

        Zum Zum on 3rd & Marion is a much better bet.

      2. Belle Epicurean (1206 Fourth Ave) has some nice French veggie sandwiches if you eat cheese. They usually come with a real nice but small side salad.

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