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Best Apples for Homemade Apple Sauce?

Okay... for the cookbook of the month project, I've decided to do Edna's Apple Sauce. It sounds so easy and yummy and we LOVE apple sauce! :)

My question is though...what apples would work best? My favorite are Pink Ladies... they have the right balance of sweet and tart... but should I use a particular 'apple sauce kind?' Her recipe just calls for 'apples'. But I'd like a nice sweet and tangy sauce with a good body. Not watery...

Any help would be great! And of couse I will report back! :)


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  1. I like good old NY, VT etc. Macintoshes for applesauce. I make mine in the microwave and do not need to add any water to it.

    1. How about a combo of Pink Ladies and Granny Smiths?

      I grew up with homemade applesauce, and one of my favorite desserts from childhood, my mother would shred some leftover challah and brown it crispy it butter in a skillet, put it hot onto a bowl of warm applesauce and put a dollop of loosely-whipped heavy cream on top. We called it "crumby applesauce" but it was anything but crummy.

      1. I like a mix of apples, because then some dissolve into mush and others stay chunky. Empire, Gala and Granny Smith mix well.

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          I use a combo also but I use Fuji and golden delisous and a few granny smith You
          have to have a sweet/tart to make good applesauce.

        2. I've made applesauce just with local McIntosh, adding a few strips of the peel for a slightly pink color.

          1. Maybe this is a stupid question, but why are you making applesauce when apples aren't in season? Or is this a post from the S. Hemisphere.

            1. For my own taste, mcintosh are too fibery for sauce-- i go for a mix too, but most jonagolds (or paula reds, if you can get them!). for a little extra tartness, cortlands, mutsus, or granny smith can be added, but all of these hold up in cooking, so sometimes need a little extra help breaking down at the end (mashing, blending, or foley food mill, depending how chunky you like it). At this time of year the options are quite limited...

              1. The absolute best apple for sauce can be hard to find; it's the Northern Spy and tends to be available only on a limited basis for a few weeks early in October. If you find a supply, go for it (and tell me where you found them)!

                1. I've used Golden Delicious, Fuji, and several others. They all worked quite well but I prefer Granny Smith hands down.

                  1. Gravenstein. And 3 years later, I worry about Dommy! Where in the world is she? (I miss her)

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                      I'm sorry! After this particular project (I think this WAS my last cookbook of the month), I started my serious work in my masters program... I JUST graduated this may, but immediately began writing (about food!) for the blog of our local alternative weekly....

                      I still cook, but also since then got myself a husband who takes care of the lion's share. After a year or so haitus, we are also hosting our first dinner party next month! :) I still reference this board constantly, but since it's been a while since I've cooked anything 'grand', I have been quite for quite a bit, I hope to get back into the groove, especially with the holidays around the corner! :)

                      And as a LONG delayed follow-up, I went with Fujis and the apple sauce was DELISH!



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                        So good to hear from you, keep dropping in once in awhile! You inspired me to start cooking some California style meals, and I can always use some more of your great experiments.