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I need some recs for the best combination of quality/atmosphere for Seafood in South Beach.

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  1. That is a tough one. Not much in the way of pure seafood here.

    Joes Stone Crabs - Your best bet.
    Alta Mar - Does not have a full range of seafood and is more of a fish place.

    1. Table 8 is heavy on seafood.

      1. Le Bon on the always interesting Lincoln Road not really upscale atmosphere but quality seafood and service.

        1. Hands down, Joe's Stone Crabs. However, we are out of season on stone crabs and lobster. If you like dining al fresco, try Lincoln Road.

          1. I'm also a fan of Le Bon. The mussel pots and fried smelt are both very good. It's also fairly inexpensive, especially if you go between 5-7 p.m. They have a good list of Belgian beers as well.

            1. NOBU-Japanese style.
              Paciffic Time does some nice seafood.
              Alta Mar
              Nemo has some solid seafood.
              OLA for their Plantain Crusted Mahi + Ceviches
              Joe's is well worth a visit even without the Stoners.

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                I will second nemo and pt (though I think pt is overrrated), P112 (stated below) also qualifies and is a great place to go. . Also an unusual choice but I remember that Tuscan now has a mixed cold seafood menu - never tried it though...

              2. I haven't been but heard good thing about "A Fish Called Avalon" on Ocean Drive.

                1. Try Sardinia or dine outside (if not too hot) at Nemo. Prime 112 has some great seafood dishes- particulary the sea bass and the tuna.

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                    Yes, the cold seafood salad at Sardinia was pretty good when I went a few weeks ago.

                  2. I am addicted to Le Bon's mussel pots...and the beer...oh the beer ;-)
                    Joe's is a must visit...

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                      Alta Mar if you are looking for very good fresh fish. However, atmosphere is questionable.
                      Le Bon for Mules on Lincoln road
                      Joe's for stoney's if in season.