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Jun 7, 2007 10:36 AM

Philly Chocolatier?

Looking to give gifts to guests of a luncheon we are hosting and was thinking of small boxes of truffles or similar artisnal chocolates. We would like to also have the package personally labeled. Any suggestions?

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  1. John and Kira's. Look no further. Some of the best chocolate you'll find anywhere.

    1. Eclat Chocolate in West Chester make some of the best chocolates I've ever had:

      Kinda pricey, though.

        1. Lacroix at the Rittenhouse also does chocolates in the French style similar to John & Kira's. Le Bec Fin does as well.
          Shane's candies, Front and Market, is an old-fashioned candy shop (oldest in US or something) that might be nice for out-of-town guests.
          Lore's candies is another old-fashioned style shop, 7th and Chestnut. Thank you.

          1. there is a new place called the little candy shoppe in liberties walk (between 2nd and 3rd, a block south of girard) in northern liberties. cute place. i don't know if they make their own or not, but their selection is good and their solid chocolate was very tasty.

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              There's also the Naked Chocolate Cafe on Walnut and Juniper as well. It sounds what you're looking for is more along the lines of John and Kira's or Teuscher's (anyone tried that yet?) though...