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Jun 7, 2007 10:35 AM

Help! Local meyer lemon marmalade?

While I was in SF, I found some local meyer lemon marmalade at the farmers' market at Ferry Plaza. I don't even like marmalade and this was the best thing I'd ever eaten. I bought a jar and kept it in the work fridge for slow savoring on crumpets. I looked online and discovered that the company had a website, so that I could buy more jars when I ran out.

Sadly, work did an extreme cleaning of the fridge and - gasp! - threw out my marmalade even though it was labeled in the way that should have prevented it from such a sad and early demise. This leaves me not only with no marmalade but with no idea what the company's name was.

The jar was smallish and the label was maybe a dark yellowish color with a black lid. I don't remember; I was too busy looking at the contents.

Does anyone know who makes this so I can get on their website and order more marmalade??


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  1. Almost definitely June Taylor. Is this what you're looking for?

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    1. re: Morton the Mousse

      Strangely, that wasn't it. Though that certainly looks good and - my goodness - meyer lemon and rosemary? They have some delicious looking stuff. I'll go for that if I can't find the original.

      The label was darker and maybe a little more flowery.

    2. Was it from the Frog Hollow Farm store inside the Ferry Building?

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      1. re: jcarlile

        YES! It was Frog Hollow Farm! They were actually selling outside that day. Thank you!!!!

        Okay, so the lid wasn't black. And the label was yellow. Shows how bad memory is, particularly when the contents are so much more important than the packaging.

        Thanks all for your replies and thanks especially to jcarlile for finding this. My crumpets and I will be much happier!

        1. re: Spatlese

          I don't think Loulou sells at Ferry Plaza. Berkeley, yes.

        2. Might also be McEvoy -- they do a meyer lemon marmalade and your description sounds like their packaging:

          1. LuLu, inside the building, sells a delicious meyer lemon marmalade. This doesn't have a picture of the marmalade, but all the products have similar packaging/labeling:

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            1. re: Pistou

              Sure they do. Just scroll down. Not a black lid.

              1. re: wolverine61

                There was a picture of Meyer Lemon marinade, but not one of the marmalade. I just double checked. And the label fit the descriptions, so I thought it was worth a try. As it turns out the jar the OP was looking for didn't have a black lid after all.

                1. re: Pistou

                  Sorry Pistou, back to the ophthalmologist. That small print is getting is getting harder and harder to read but at least I can still see colors.