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Jun 7, 2007 10:28 AM

Fish curry in the South Bay?

Can anyone recommend good fish curry dishes in the South Bay? TIA!

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  1. The fish head curry at Layang Layang is very good.

    In SF, the fish tikka masala at Lahore Karahi is outstanding.


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    1. re: al88

      Ajantas in Berkely has it on their menu.

    2. I am sorry that this is not the Southbay but the Madras catfish curry I had at Dosa in the Mission was amazing! I am still consumed by its depth and it was my first experience with curry leaves. So comforting on the bitterly cold day I went (this past carnaval). You may want to call to check its availablity because I do believe their s. indian curries change on a weekly basis.

      1. If you like the dry-style of curry, then the chapa vepudu at Southern Spice in Mountain View is pretty amazing.

        1. Goan fish curry at Amber India in Mountain View. The Mountain View version is made with halibut and the Santana Row version is made with sea bass.