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Jun 7, 2007 10:20 AM

Good Lox in Seattle?

Anyone know where you can get some good, New York-style lox in Seattle? I'm dreaming particularly of the really thinly sliced, fatty Nova Scotia lox I used to get at Fairway in Manhattan...

I did a search, and it looks like some people get it at Costco (really?) and someone thought maybe Goldberg's in Factoria (evidently a controversial place) had it. I've seen at at Trader Joe's (okay and cheap) and QFC/Bagel Oasis on 65th (same blue box in both, felt too thick and, er, fleshy, if that makes sense.)

I'm not particularly looking for cheap, just really good.

Any ideas?

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  1. goldberg's buys the good stuff and then slices it like prime rib - best advice is to have it shipped from zabar's/russ & daughters/balducci's pre-sliced or, if you find the slices a bit thick, order it whole and learn to slice it yourself - in which case, it will have a longer shelf life.

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      I used to love the gravlax (w/ dill mustard sauce) from balducci's old store in the Village, does it ship well?

      1. re: barleywino

        since gravlax is more heavily cured than what we have learned to call 'lox', it both ships and keeps very well. also be aware that, since there is no smoke component in the preparation of gravlax, it is relatively easy to make at home

    2. No, you just can't get it. Not anywhere. Save yourself the suffering of the search. Lox out here is pre-sliced, too dry, too salty, not oily enough, and not remotely even close to what you're missing. You can eat it if you accept it's not what you miss. And there are some nicely edible things out there -- the tuna guy at the Columbia City and U-District markets even makes a nice tuna lox.

      Actually the only place in Seattle right now with good, sliced nova is my refrigerator, since my parents are visiting and lovingly brought me Zabar's goods. But please don't break into my house and take it :).

      1. I'm a Costco fan, but their lox are from farmed salmon and not very good. My favorite cold smoked salmon comes from Portlock.

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          I use the Costco when I have a crowd. For myself I buy the Gerard and Dominique brand, found at most of the upscale grocery stores. It's no Zabars, but quite tasty nonetheless.

        2. You GUYS - what about Pike Market?!? Gotta confess, I go there all Zen and not so much by name, but the fish guys halfway down near the sausage guys just before you reach the vegetable guys have lovely lox and they'll let you taste. I mean, c'mon, this is the NW! Salmon rules!

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            agreed that pike place market in all its manifestations is irreplaceable - BUT the best smoked salmon available there is not the same as what is recognized as the glorious lox of zabarian fame being from fatter fish, more heavily smoked and with a more intense cure. raised on the atlantic coast in a jewish family, i adore 'lox' - especially nova belly as purveyed by zabar's and other temples of semitic delights - and deplore its absence in seattle but have gotten much pleasure from the superb smoked salmon that IS available - just because i like white chocolate does not mean i cannot enjoy bittersweet...btw, as 'lox' is from the slavic word for 'salmon', 'tuna lox' as mentioned above would be a fascinating misnomer.

          2. What about Jensen's smokehouse at 10520 Greenwood Ave. N? They have a wide variety of deliciously smoked salmon products. As to the quality of lox vs. what you remember from New York - I think you should check it out and let us know how it compares.