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Jun 7, 2007 09:59 AM

Philly cheese steak - the real thing?

I just got a flyer in the mail from a nearby pizza joint that advertised "Philly Cheese Steak Pizza"! No thanks, I thought, then began to wonder where I could get the real McCoy, preferably in the south-west Scarborough area, Beaches or the Danforth. Any suggestions, please?

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  1. Define the "real" Philly Cheese steak as even in Philly it can mean different things with the cheese ranging from melted Cheez Whiz to sliced provolone. And let's not get started with the peppers, mushrooms and onions debate....<grin>

    Several years ago, the Goose and the Firkin on Leslie used to have a servicable Philly Cheese Steak sammich with steak, peppers, onions and provolone. I haven't been there in over 7 years and since the Firkin Pubs became "corporate" so I don't know if it exists now...good luck and let me know if you find anything!

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      I did find something and posted it - a verbatim quote from a recipe on a website. But the Chowhound moderators deleted it, then explained in a private e-mail that for copyright reasons they couldn't run it in that form. However they said I could print a link to the recipe, so here it is.

      1. re: Mike from Hamilton

        A real Philly cheesesteak consists of:

        Ribeye steak sliced vary thin and grilled until soft, meaning cooked completely through, but soft. Served with grilled onions "wit". Three cheese options: American, Cheez Whiz, Provolone. Therefore, a Cheez Whiz Wit, gets you a sandwich with grilled onions and Cheez Whiz. Cheese Wit, gets you a sandwich with American cheese and grilled onions. Provolone Wit, a sandwich with Provolone and onions. Omit the "wit", lose the onions.

        Pats and Ginos are the two 'originals' the helped bring the hype. Tony Lukes is the most recent undisputed king. All offer their own variation. My personal preference in regards to the variations is Tony Luke's 'Italian' - Sharp provolone with brocoli rabe. In terms of the 3 OFFICIAL PHILLY CHEESESTEAKS, I like a Cheez Whiz Wit.

        Wiki -
        Pats -
        Genos -
        Tony Lukes -

        and unfortunately (for me as well), I am unaware of anything in Toronto that comes close to approaching anything that could be considered a true Philly Cheesesteak (taste-wise).

        1. re: pixelchef

          A couple of my friends and I did a Pats vs. Geno "steakoff" a couple of years ago in Philly. Fun!

          I'm originally form the Jersey shore, but have lived in the GTA for almost ten years now and have searched and sampled many here, but with little success.

          One place TO Steaks was pretty good... near Dundas and Islington; but they closed last spring.

          It isn't rocket science to make a good cheesesteak... and with all these lame burger chains springing up I am curious as to why somebody doesn't make this a specialty here in TO.