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Jun 7, 2007 09:34 AM

best falafel in stamford, ct

can anyone suggest where to get falafel in stamford? i have been to layla's and i think it is hit or miss. is there anywhere else someone can recommend? thanks

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  1. Only other place I can think of Myrna's over on East Main.

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    1. went to layla's once and not impressed, no need to go back. clapton's version was waaaaay better.

      1. Myrna's falafel is quite different from Layla's--(they'll tell you one is Lebanese, one is Syrian but sorry to say I can't recall which was which), so it's a bit of an apples/oranges comparison. Also note those odd pickles automatically come on Myrna's--they're an acquired taste I've never acquired. Try some of the other dishes at Layla's, (chicken shawarma, kibbee) which I think are better than their falafel.

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          I agree that layla's falafel isn't that good. The flavor always seems a bit bland and overcooked. I've tried a few things that were decent, but it's been too long to remember what it is.

          I still haven't gotten to myrna's. shame on me!

        2. I dont like either Myrna or Layla's falafel. However, of the two, I would rather have Layla's. Layla puts too much salad thus making the whole thing a soogy mess. I dont think Stamford has a good falafel place--it would be best to travel elsewhere (NYC) if you want something truly enjoyable.