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Jun 7, 2007 09:23 AM

Anyone know where OKO is?

NY Magazine's website had an item for a new frozen yogurt shop in Park Slope called OKO, but did not list an address, the store's website does not seem to have any actual content and a google search came up blank. Has anybody seen this place and know where it is? Thanks very much.

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    1. re: ghbrooklyn

      Its on 5th Avenue on the same block as Los Politos and V Spot.

      Went in there last night hoping they would have Bubble Tea, but alas, they did not.

    2. 152 5th ave. Was there last weekend. It's a pretty cool place. I liked their "wildberry" flavor, which contains blackberry, raspberry, and one other berry I think.

      1. Stellar, right where I wanted it to be. Thanks!

        1. 152 Fifth Ave, between Douglass and Degraw
          I just tried it this week - YUM
          Greek style yogurt (like Total Fage) but frozen. Not too sweet, nicely rich and tart.
          Not like cheesey fro yo tasteedeeelight places.
          Also not cheap - $4 for 6oz plain, toppings extra.

          They also sell a large range of "organic fair trade specialty teas", hot, cold, or dry for home-brew. The coffee was pretty good.

          1. I tried it the other day. Plain with organic strawberries. It reminded me of Pinkberry though it wasn't quite as firm. It could have just been the machine at the time.

            I really enjoyed it though. I love that the Greek style frozen yogurt isn't very sweet. More tart and refreshing. Unfortunately for my wallet it's become a bit of an addiction for me.

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            1. re: CornflakeGirl

              def. the best frozen yogurt in brooklyn right now. and a lot of their fruit choices are organic. they have a new flavor now: key lime. i thought it would be awful but it's very very good. it is expensive but i have taken to buying it as my lunch...a large (and they will mix two flavors) with organic strawberries, organic blueberries and walnuts. unbelievably good. and now they have a frequent buyer get a stamp whether it's a mini, reg. or large.

              1. re: redgirl

                I love Key Lime in general so I'll have to check that one out. It sounds great with the crushed grahams. I'll have to get a frequent buyer card next time.

                This is going to be a problem...;)