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Jun 7, 2007 09:12 AM

Recent reports on Meskel?

There were a rush of posts soon after it opened, but anyone been recently? Is it still BYO? Anything you'd particularly recommend or not recommend? I'm going tomorrow night, so I will post back w/my thoughts, but thought I'd see if I could get a recent CH report first!

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  1. I had an awful meal at Meskel and posted about it in April. Others like it.

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    1. re: Bob Martinez

      Yes - I certainly remembered your report! And I'm willing to believe that you were right and Meskel is serving lousy food . . . but it also seems like maybe you just don't like Ethiopian food, no?

      I was in Boston over the weekend and had an Ethiopian meal where one of my complaints was that the injera wasn't sour at all. I like my corpse bread to be sour - seems like an important counterpoint to the tastes of most of the dishes.

      1. re: The Turtle Bay Dove

        It could be true that I don't like Ethiopian food. Certainly the taste of authentic inerja leaves me cold. And clammy. (Sorry - couldn't resist.) Having said that, the spicing on the meat dishes was extremely bland. While most other people didn't find that to be true on their visits to Meskel a minority said they found the food to be bland as well. That's a clue that the kitchen can be inconsistent.

        At some point in the future I'd try Ethiopian again but at another place.

    2. So, maybe Meskel is inconsistent (as many places are), but I had a seriously good meal there Friday night. Everything had interesting flavors - the injera was tasty (I happened to eat at the new branch of Addis Red Sea in Cambridge, MA the week before which was mediocre and particularly noted the blah injera). We had the veggie combo - one of the lentil dishes was very spicy. We had doro wat: tender enough to tear the meat off the bone w/the injera and rich complex flavors almost like a Mexican mole. We also had a beef entree and a lamb entree (blanking on which ones now) both of which were good but not great. Rare for me to like a poulty dish better than something with lamb! But the doro wat was that good.

      We started with both beef and lentil sambusas which were quite nice. Also had the timatim fitfit which didn't interest me too much, but others I was with thought it was refreshing.

      And they do serve alcohol now.

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        1. re: waterstreet

          I really enjoy Ethiopian food and was there in February. We ordered the special chicken tibs and the meskel combo and everything was delicious! The injera was perhaps a tad cold for my liking but that's a minor complaint. Went around 8:30pm on a Friday night and we were practically the only people in the place, which makes me a bit concerned for its future...

          199 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10009