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Jun 7, 2007 09:11 AM

Overwhelmed with Las Vegas Dining Options


My wife and I will be in Vegas the middle of Sep. staying Sat. through
Sun. at the 4 Seasons.

We love food and wine so...

Where should we go for a casual, pre-show dinner on Saturday night?

We are considering seeing "O" or"Mystere" or "Love" (never been to a show before) so I'm assuming we should eat at the hotel where the show runs; is that a good idea?

Where should we go for a more formal dinner on Sunday night? Thinking about Alex, Picasso, Michael Mina...

We're stuck on the strip with no car and total budget for casual dinner is
around $100 and total budget for formal dinner is around $350.


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  1. Personally, I love Picasso. There is not a prettier spot than sitting either in the dining room surrounded by original Picasso's or better yet in my opinion on the patio with the fountains going off all night. The food, although not the best in Las Vegas has always been spot on. And if you are anywhere near the freak about food and wine like myself (and the other 9 people that return every year to Picasso for or annual "guys" trip) take advantage of the corkage policy that is not very well known. I believe the fee is officially $40 and limited to 1 per table but if you are at all friendly with the sommeliers (Robert is a Master sommelier and Desi is studying and if he takes his exam in the next year and passes will become the youngest sommelier in the history of the masters test.) the fee is generally waived. And I would be willing to bet that they may even waive the 1 per limit. I have been going for sine the restaurant and have never been disappointed.

    1. Coordinating your casual dinner with your show will depend on the time of your show. Assume there are shows at 7 and 10. If you see the earlier show, then you might think about eating after instead of before, as the shows typically run about 1-1/2 hours I believe. I don't necessarily think you need to eat at the same hotel and in fact you may not want to, especially if you see "Love" or "Mystere." "Love" is great, BTW, if you're at all into the Beatles. You should pick your show and show time and get your tickets and then deal with your dinner plans.

      If you see "O" you can reasonably eat at Paris (I really would only suggest Mon Ami Gabi there), Bellagio or Caesars and be real close. Some friends of ours are seeing "Love" at 7 tonight and then eating afterwards at Mesa Grill in Caesars, although they're probably in for about a 1/2 hour walk between getting out of "Love" and getting over to Caesars. Mesa Grill is a good bet for your "casual" dinner although we've not had dinner there, only lunches and brunches. When we saw (most of) "Love" in January we ate first at Okada at the Wynn. We are seeing it again in July (because the stage broke about 1 hour in and they had to refund everybody so we had to book it again) and we plan to eat at B&B at the Venetian first (that's Batali's new place, comparisons to Babbo). You could also easily eat at Bouchon and see "Love" although Bouchon would push your $100 limit but maybe not by much depending on what you eat (and, obviously, drink). It's a reasonably short walk from the Venetian to the Mirage (it's just across the street), slightly less fast from the Wynn as it takes about 10 minutes to walk to the Venetian from the Wynn. From what I've heard the restaurants at the Mirage aren't all that great although I've read some decent stuff about Onda which I think is Italian. But If you see "Love" then you can reasonably eat anywhere at the Venetian or Wynn, I think.

      Where's "Mystere?" Treasure Island? If so, then all my comments about "Love" also apply to "Mystere" since TI and Mirage are next door to each other. I haven't eaten anywhere at TI and haven't heard about any decent restaurants there either.

      Oh, another good, casual option is Cafe BaBaReeba at the Fashion Show Mall which is across the street from the Wynn and Treasure Island. Very nice tapas.

      We've been to Michael Mina twice in the last year and really haven't loved it. Haven't yet been to Alex but think you're pushing your $350 budget there. Bartolotta at the Wynn is really great, you could do a superb dinner for $350.

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        Of the Cirque shows, choose either O or Zumanity. Zumanity is more "adult" oriented but a lot of fun. Also... I vote for a formal dinner at B & B Ristorante in the Venetian. The menu is very similar to Babbo in NYC and having eaten there 4x in the past 3 months, I can still say... I love it.

      2. i've eaten at alex , picasso and mina. all are excellent, tho i rate alex at the top and mina at the bottom. alex and picasso might stretch your budget. definitely recommend that you go to the 7 o'clock show and eat later. that way, you won't fall asleep at the show. other choices for dinner are bartolotta at wynn and prime and circo at belaggio. circo works with your budget.

        1. Thanks all for the suggestions! We decided on Picasso for Sunday night (Alex is not open) and B&B before the 10pm "O" show. I'll be sure to report back...