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Jun 7, 2007 08:48 AM

Fish places, Rt 35 Belmar/Eatontown

last night we passed a couple of fish shacks but couldnt stop, maybe some CH can provide info if they are any good. 1 was on Rt 35 N, in the Belmar area and I think the only name on it was "Fishery", south of "Circus", a really small place. The other was on Rt 35 South, in / around Eatontown.

Would like to try them -- recommendations, comments anyone? Thanks!

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  1. What was close to the one in Eatontown?

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    1. re: tuxedo

      i cant remember, I was doing the driving so my eyes were (mostly) on the road... but it was on the SOUTH side, and old but smelled great! It was south of Soccer Stadium.

      1. re: nyebaby37

        The place in Belmar you are talking about is actually in Neptune, and it is called Jody's. It has been there over 30 years. They used to have a Manasquan location, but no more. I have never eaten there, but the fluke/flounder I buy there for home cooking is consistently the freshest store-bought flounder I have ever purchased in my life, definitely fresher than Klien's, Spike's or H&H. It is always perfectly scentless. I would try anything there, if I had the opportunity to actually sit down. I can't even envision the seating area. Do they have one?

        The soul-food restaurant just north of there--Jameson's--is horrible, despite all the generous write-ups. The ribs are poached and the oxtail comes in a thick gravy, not natural jus.. Avoid it.

        1. re: soigne

          I can second the opinion on buying fish at Jody's, and have had a fried crab sandwich from there that was delicious. I think there's a counter you can eat at, but there are no tables that I remember....I think nearly all their prepared food sales are take out, not eat in....

          1. re: tuxedo

            SS Crab, oh I must try it! Thanks!