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Jun 7, 2007 08:20 AM

Forget Lamonica's, Vito's Pizza RULES!

For 20 years I've lived in Los Angeles, and religiously, whenever I felt like pizza, I'd go to Westwood, and enjoy Lamonica's, on Gayley.
Unfortunately, the last visits, over the last 6 months or so, have been really underwhelming.
And the last time I went, a couple weeks ago, will be the last time. It was terrible. My slice of mushroom covered pizza was dry, tasteless, and it actually "cracked" when I went to fold it.
And I somehow heard something about a new pizza place on La Cienega, VITO'S.
Well, I've been there twice, and it's GREAT. They have about 6 different pies on display, and sell slices, and for under $15 you can have a couple great slices of pizza, and a beer, and really be satisfied.
Vito's is on La Cienega, between Melrose and SM Blvd, on the east side of the street.
It's tiny, and in a tiny strip mall.

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  1. OMG Vito's Rocks, we went last sunday and had the cheese which was just coming out of the oven. Pizza perfection, some of the best I have had in the US. And I love i could have a glass of Chianti as well. When will they get beer on tap I wonder?

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    1. re: PurpleTeeth

      Oddly enough, I had both Lamonica's (DTLA) AND Vito's yesterday. I find Lamonica's to be fairly inconsistent, ranging from Average/Above average to absolutely mind blowing, depending on how old the pie is; but when it's good it's freakin GREAT.

      Vito's, however, was also mind blowing. I think the crust texture of the crust is better than Lamonica's, however I find that the actual taste of the crust at Lamonica's is better. Granted, I did go to Vito's at 9pm. Anyway, the only downside to Vito's is that horrendous drive, but I'll def be back.

      1. re: ns1

        I drive from the SFV about once a week to Vito's , like a little traffic is going to stop me from great pizza...

    2. Couldn't agree more. Vito's is where it's at.