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Jun 7, 2007 08:03 AM

"Musts" in Stellenbosch

Hi there!

I will be in SA in early August for 2 weeks traveling around. I will be in Stellenbosch for 3 nights, doing a wine tour all day for one of the days. It is my anniversary and my husband and I will be traveling with another couple.
Any suggestions for dinner for my 3 evenings, especially the anniversary celebration?
Here are some options that the hotel provided, any comments would be great!! :
Wijnhuis, De Ouwe Werf, Fishmonger, Cognito, De Oewer, Bukara, Sosati

We then head to Cape Town for 3 nights, and I have read through all of the wonderful Chow suggestions--so thank you!

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  1. Hello,

    Stellenbosch is not my neck of the woods, but Terroir is consistently cited as one of the best restaurants in the country.

    Stellenbosch is quite close to Franschhoek, so you should consider options there, since it has some wonderful places to eat (see other posts on this board).

    Glancing at your list, Wijnhuis and Bukara both have branches in Cape Town. Wijnhuis is fine but nothing spectacular. Bukara is the best upmarket Indian available in the city, if that's your thing, but certainly not typically South African.

    Enjoy your holiday, and please feel free to ask any other questions you may have here. It isn't the most active board on this site (as you have no doubt noticed!), but we'll try to get back to you in time.


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    1. re: Gooseberry

      Hi there

      Can definitely second Terroir.
      At Spier Wine Estate, there's Moyo - a really good experience, beyond the food.
      If you do make it to Franschhoek, try Reuben's.
      You'll need to make reservations at all the above, I would think.

      1. re: ShelleyCT

        Moyo is fun if you want to try lots of South African meats and fish at once. I wouldn't call the food amazing, but for a visitor, it's a good time. So by all means go, but I wouldn't pick moyo for your romantic, intimate anniversary dinner - it's not that sort of place, might be a bit noisy.

        Reuben's is a good time, and along with French Connection they are two of the best casual-smart restos in F'hoek. In other words, you don't need to dress up, the setting is nice but not classical fancy, and the food is very good.

        Reservations are a good idea, but shouldn't be too crowded during the quiet season.