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Need pig roast outfitter in Chester County

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Can anyone reccommend a a caterer in Chester County that provides roast pigs or provides the set up if you want to roast yourself.

This is for a staff picnic in between Coatesville and West Chester.

Suggestions for other alternatives welcome too! Thanks.

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  1. There's a place in Phoenixville I used several years ago. I think they will do it all it for you, or you can rent the spit across the street at Main Line Rentals and they will put the pig on for you.

    Foresta's Country Meat Market Inc
    1098 West Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460
    (610) 935-1777

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      Hickory House Catering - out of the Brandywine Picnic Park will do it.


      I can't vouch for quality - but they definitely do good business at the park.

    2. The first place I thought of was the Brandywine Picnic Park. They cater corporate parties and they also do group picnics and bbq at their location outside West Chester. I've been there a couple of times and it's good -- not great, but good. They've got a little gold mine there, more, I believe, for the concept than for the quality of the food. But people do enjoy themselves at the park.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions! I have not been able to get through to Foresta's, but Hickory House is reasonable and available.

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          Just so that you don't feel limited by choices in caterers, I worked for an off-premise caterer in Chester County who would do pig roasts (provide the pig, set-up, cook, etc) during the summer for various clients. They purchased their pigs through Exposito Bros., and I have heard that most functions utilizing whole pigs get them Exposito Bros. (one of the Exposito Bros. handles cheese, one handles meat, and one only hands pigs) as there aren't a lot of whole-pig-purveyors in the area. So, bottom-line, I would find a caterer you like based on all of their foodstuffs as opposed to just whether they can do a whole pig roast, as I think most "decent" caterers are capable of doing this. Good luck!

        2. Montesano Bros in Eagle PA do a great whole pig and perhaps the best selection of oysters and shucking in the area.

          Often they have events at their place and offer a whole pig or they can cater.


          1. hi xtian, i just booked my caterer for my wedding which is going to have a pig roast at a residence. i used aquilante catering which is out of valley forge, they are the exclusive off premise caterer used by the wegmans in downingtown. 610 935 4500. its a family run business headed by this italian guy tony who will talk your ear off--wonderful!

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              Do you mind if I ask how much it is per person and what all comes w/the pig roast (i.e. are you just getting the pig or are you getting sides as well)? Our development is planning a summer solstice party and I'd like to present a pig roast as a hopefully viable option to the standard 'dogs and burgers routine. Congrats on your upcoming nuptuals.
              If anyone knows how much Montesano Bros. would charge that would be helpful also. Thanks in advance.

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                hi rondo
                our head count is approx 120 and i think we got roast beef and roast chicken also along with sides like potato salad, caeser salad, rolls etc and we have smores on the menu too because they offer that with a little backyard fire pit! i want to say its like 5-6k but that includes service, gratuity, setting up tables and linens, and bar service (we provide the alcohol).

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                  Hi Swanly, I was just reading through your post and your wedding seems very similar to the one my fiance and I are planning. How did everything turn out? Any advice for this type of affair? We are planning to have it at a local vineyard, any recommendations?

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                Hi Swanly, I was just reading through your post and your wedding seems very similar to the one my fiance and I are planning. How did everything turn out? Any advice for this type of affair? We are planning to have it at a local vineyard, any recommendations?

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                  ***my name is wicks--we had our wedding a few weeks ago and for this caterer i would give the food 5 stars and the service 1. the administrative staff returned about 1/3 of all my phone calls, the property owner set up and broke down most of the chairs and tables for my wedding and reception, (even tho the caterer charged about $2200 for "service"), and the gratuity was charged on the whole bill not just for the food and drink. food was outstanding, but i would not recommend aquilante to anyone!

              3. I know you said Chester County, but Blooming Glen in Montgomery County specializes in pork and will do the whole roast pork and sides. You can either just buy the prepared food and serve it yourself; or they can supply all the servers, dishes, forks, etc....

                1. I remember there was another post on here. It may give you some options:


                  1. I finally stopped using an outfitter and bought myself one of the La Caja China pig roasting boxes. It works well, is relatively inexpensive, and the resulting pigs have been to die for! Check it out. www.lacajachina.com

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                      We have friends in Phoenixville who do a pig roast every year. They get their hog from Foresta's. Once upon a time, I think Foresta's would actually come out to your site & roast the pig right there, or at least set it up for you & get the process started. Our friends just arrange for the pig to be cooked by Foresta's at their market, then they go to pick it up the day of the event; actually, that may be the only way Foresta's will do it now. I believe gravy is also provided. The cooked pig is put on a large board, inside an heavy box lined with foil so that it can be ported by as may pig bearers as needed. It's your choice as to whether you want to present it to your guests as-is or do something fancier with an apple, fancy garnishes and maybe a sparkler or two. Our friends just leave it as-is, and everyone has at it with big serving forks. Piggie just falls apart! Clean up is a breeze.

                      To say that the result is outstanding would be an understatement, and invitations to their event are much sought after! (thanks, Jen and Chris!)