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Jun 7, 2007 07:50 AM

Breakfast Chow around Hyatt Regency on E. Wacker?

Looking for a good breakfast to fill us up before a day of intense sight-seeing and shopping. Party of five that gets going pretty early . . .


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  1. If you want a BIG chicago-style breakfast, I always recommend Lou Mitchell's. Just cab it from the hotel.

    Lou Mitchell's
    565 W. Jackson

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      Leave the hotel through the front door - cross Wacker and walk a block or so towords the Lake - take the stairs down to Columbus Avenue and cross over the River heading North - to your right on Ilinois several blocks down will be Fox & Obel which has a nice breakfast. For something along the lines of a diner - keep heading North on Columbus to Grand Avenue - turn left and a block or two toward Michigan avenue is Mary's Cafe.