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Jun 7, 2007 07:49 AM

Best Fish Monger in SFV, Santa Monica, or environs?

I want a good selection of nice, fresh, fish. Normally I go to Gelson's or 99 ranch. Sometimes Snapper Jon's. He's becoming increasingly odd.

Where is a good spot?

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  1. Fish King in Glendale. What I enjoy is not only the freshness of their fish and the fair pricing, but they are even open on Sunday. A generally good selection. Glendale Blvd. just north of the freeway.

    1. In Santa Monica: Santa Monica Seafood. 12th and Colorado.

      1. Agree with both Hughlipton and ozhead. I like Fish King better of the two.

        1. What do you mean that he is becoming increasingly odd? I go there and have liked it so far.

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          1. re: WHills

            I love him, and his fish. I think he's a geat guy. Now and again, though he's starting in on some odd conversations. I dunno. Probably just having an odd day.

            1. re: Diana

              How do Fish King and SM Seafood compare to the place downtown? I can't recall the name but I think it's three letters and starts with an "I."

              1. re: Wolfgang

                I stopped buying from Fish King in Glendale as I purchased some less-than-stellar fish there a couple of times.

                Santa Monica Seafood gets my recommendation, or stay with Gelson's. I also go to Whole Foods, but frankly it seems like Gelson's is fresher.

                1. re: Wolfgang

                  IMP is definitely a better place--that's where the sushi chefs shop. but it is technically only open to the trade (a rule that is enforced, shall we say, irregularly).