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Jun 7, 2007 07:33 AM

Best food or food related gift you have given or received?

Just about all the gifts I give out tend to be food related. My most fun was retro candy in paint cans with homemade labels. Give out to 35 people and some got Boones Farm wine or retro toys for those with kids. Or food baskets with themes. Would love to hear any creative ideas out there!

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  1. I gave my husband Bacon of the Month club a few years back and I think it is still one of his favorite gifts EVER. They would send out a pound of artisan bacon each month with a little flyer about the producer. It was fun, the only hicup was when they haulted the shipments in the summer due to heat and I got a phone call at work from my hubby alerting me of a, "Bacon situation". We still laugh about that.
    Really cool gift.

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      What a great idea. I think I may have to do that as a presetn to myself!

    2. I gave my in-laws a bunch of Enerjets, which are coffee flavored lozenges that pack 75 mg of caffeine each. They are quite tasty, and good for long car drives (fewer pit stops). Older people seem to like them.

      1. I ordered frozen pizza from Gino's East for Dh for Christmas and it's one of his favorite gifts ever.

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          I worked as an assistant in the corporate office of a pasta company right after college. I didn't have a ton of money but had lots of free pasta. So for the holidays, I jarred homemade sauce, bought really good olive oil and put everything in pasta strainers for an "Italian gift basket."

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            I really wanted to order a chicago pie for my wife and I, but Im not sure who I had looked up at one point and one pie with shipping I believe came out to about $70 but part of me actually thinks its worth it if its as good as I remember and comes through with quality via mail- can you let me know if you thought it was worth it?

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              We've received Lou Malnattis (Malnettis?) deep dish Chicago pizzas as a git before. They came on dry ice overnight here to TX. Now as a disclaimer I have never had "Chicago" pizza in Vhicago but these were very good.

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                I thought it was very much worth it and I believe with Gino's the shipping doesn't vary much based on the number of pies. Dh loved it and I got the benefit of sharing it while getting credit for a great and original gift.

            2. We've given a year's membership to 'cheese of the month' a while ago - also very well received.
              Have a clever creative friend and we teamed up our passions... I infused some lovely olive oil with chillies and herbs etc, my friend designed funky labels. Easy, cheap and everyone loved this. (friends of our did something similar with some decent cheap unlabeled wine they got in France)

              I like making herb&seasalts / rubs, put them in little tins - another easy and cheap one.
              I've done sugar with vanilla pods in an old jam jar and made cute little flowery 'hats' with ribbon for the jam jars.

              Cupcakes in funky presentation boxes (from a gift wrapping shop) always go down well, as do cookies in a tin.

              I think anything someone's made some effort in making is always well received, and then if you package it nicely, you're on to a winner!

              1. For the holidays I usually do bar cookies because they package well in individual clear cellophane bags. It is always funny (or sad) to me how much people freak out over receiving a brownie, lemon bar, or white chocolate chunk cookie bar. Very true that most people just don't bake anymore, especially where I am in carb/calorie/fat/you name it conscious California.

                Also, when I harvest my parents Meyer lemon tree and give those out I get lots of smiles.