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Magic Time Machine - WHY??

I was dragged to this place last night by a client. The place was packed. WHY?? The food is almost unedible. And don't tell me its the atmostphere. Cuz that is gross too. I just really don't get it...

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  1. Should have just gone to Hooters next door. Atmosphere is somewhat better there.

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      Never eaten at the place,though I had heard in the past the food wasn't that great.I think there is another one besides the one in San Antonio,but not sure where,or maybe I'm wrong.

    2. Good Lord, is that place still open? We used to go there before Homecoming and Prom and all back when I was in high school (25 years ago). I don't remember the food being all that good back then, so I can only imagine what it's like now. I remember the food being somewhat like Friday's (Friday's was actually pretty decent back then) but with higher prices.

      Sorry for your suffering!

      1. MTM was ok for the kids... But food was bad, menu extremely limited and the place is just kitsch to say the least.

        1. I'm going to defect. I think it's a wonderful place. I liked it as a teen and like it now as well. It's the kind of place that is what you make of it. I always have a blast with our servers. The food? certainly not great, but at least better than your average sit down chain and no pricier. From that perspective, if you go in with a fun attitude, it's great for groups who want to have fun and get a meal they feel more comfortable with.

          1. I loved the Magic Time Machine when I was a kid - I had a few birthday parties there and thought it was the coolest restaurant ever. BUT - I can't imagine going there as an adult (unless I was taking my future children)!

            1. Last time I was there was for my youngest son's birthday..We ordered, and about that time, all of the electricity went out...It had actually gone out on a long stretch of Beltline...We never got to eat, as it was PITCH DARK! We were led out of the restaurant with a flashlight..Quite the adventure...No, the food is an afterthought...Many years ago, it was one of the few "themed" restaurants...Frankly I am surprised that it is still around...

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                Actually even more historic it was basically the first real restaurant in Addison. The only thing that predated it was Solly's which is long gone. Magic Time Machine is a themed restaurant for parties and such not someplace to eat and expect a really good meal. The food wasn't any great shakes when it was new and certainly isn't now when Dallas is a much more cosmopolitan city.

              2. We use to eat at the Austin MTM (closed now) when I was a kid. So I took my kids there when they were growing up. That is still their favorite restaurant and they are 24 and 30 years old!! They are parents themselves now and they still like for all of us to drive from Austin to S.A. just to eat there. It's kinda like Chuck E Cheese. We tolerate it because the "kids" adore eating there.

                1. I've been to the one in San Antonio. The food isn't *bad* so much as it is an afterthought, sort of tacked on at the end of the whole experience: "Oh, yeah, you came here for dinner, didn't you? Well, here's what we've got for food. . . . " The reason for going is the "ambience," not the food. Eating's just something you do for an hour while soaking up the atmosphere of the place. And yes, it's not a place that appeals to anybody over the age of twelve if you're sober, or anyone over the age of about 25 who's drunk.

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                    Reminds me a lot of Dave & Buster's. It's not about the food.

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                      I understand that, but the MTM in Dallas wasn't fun. It was just dirty. DIRTY. Maybe if I was a little girl and distracted by Snow White I wouldn't notice.

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                        Yeah, kind of reminds me of Disneyworld...The food is never that good and yes, you do have to be distracted by Snow White to want to pay those prices for that quality of food...

                    2. Any restaurant that has a car for a salad bar should put you on notice. The food, atmosphere and wait staff are bordering night mare-ish.