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Jun 7, 2007 06:53 AM

The Hamptons

So my wife wants to be Ina Garten. Loves her, worships her, WANTS TO BE HER. So I am thinking about planning a surprise long wekend excursion to the Hamptons at a B&B, and do an Ina Tour, so to speak. Hit those spots showcased in her show, dine well at a nice place or two, ... hell, maybe even get a little psycho, find her house, and knock on the door (just kidding).

Any suggestions for B&B's? restaurants? best time of year to go? blueprints of Ina's house highlighting the easiest access points using a rope ladder?

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  1. Go in September or October when all the masses summer leases are up and the weather is still glorious! Ina's house is in East Hampton and not behind a big fat hedge. You will want to go to the Seafood Shop in Wainscot and Loaves and Fishes in Water Mill. She also seems to shop at Schmidt's in East Hampton (not called Schmidts anymore) and it is back by the train station. Sept. will also be perfect timing for late summer tomatoes and corn on the cob from any farm stand! I would stick with East Hampton area for lodging too as that is "her" town. I hear she lunches at Citta Nuovo rather frequenlty...

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      Thanks Mellie, that's awesome insight.

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        I am sure I can get you better driving directions. I am never driving so I just get told what I am passing. Stand by for a street name. I dont know where you hail from but regardless of delightful Ina, it's a beautiful part of the world. Enjoy and I'll come back to you. The wife has got to have the sighting!!!!

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          Buell Lane just off of Main Street in East Hampton. You should recognize it easily but note that there is a house under construction right next door...

          I was out there this weekend. Gorgeous!

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        1. Gordon's in E. Hampton. Freshest and best simply prepared fish and shellfish I've ever had.

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            I believe they're under new ownership, hopefully still as good. They're in Amagansett if anyone wants to check it out!

          2. you might want to do breakfast at babette's in East Hampton town - unless it will be too painful for your wife to walk past the former Barefoot Contessa