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Jun 7, 2007 06:46 AM

Coming to Charlotte, NC

Will be visiting with friends in Charlotte (first time) and need some recommendations for breakfast and dinner spots. Will be in town for 5 days. No buffets please. All suggestions are very much appreciated!!!

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  1. Charlotte is geographically a pretty big city. Do you know whereabouts your friends live? Do you have a price range in mind?

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    1. re: concordcourtney

      We will be in Matthews. I should have realized that Charlotte is a big city with a lot of choices.

      As far as prices, I'd say moderate, nothing too fancy because my friends have a 12 yr old son, so nothing too fussy. Although, if you know of a really nice place, please let me know and we will try it!
      Thank you!

      1. re: basil4me

        Sante is a very nice restaurant in downtown Matthews.

        I would definitely schedule a dinner there.

        Also, don't miss the Matthews Community Farmers Market if you are there on Saturday morning. They always have a chef demonstration which is worth watching.

    2. breakfast, try Pewter Rose (brunch is superb)
      dinner, try 300 East or Blue (excellent martini's and cheses)

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      1. re: scpierce

        sorry.. i didn't know to expand the list..

        given the "moderate" and "12 year old" neither of the choices i recommended will work. they are both great choices for dinner, but may be a little on the nice side for a 12 year old.

        i recommend fenwicks. it's quaint (read "small") so there will likely be a wait. the food is great and serves arguably the best burger in charlotte, but interestingly has a nice mix of more upscale options too. it's worth checking out. it's moderate for charlotte too.

        if you want pizza, the best i've had in many years is from a little place right off 485 near the intersection with i-77 called luigis. it's superb, real new yorkers making real new york style. oh.. and try the egplant parm.... delectible.

        1. re: scpierce

          I live blocks from 300 East and don't go there, so I would not recommend driving in from Matthews for it. If you venture that far, get a sitter and splurge for a quality meal; BonTerra, Sole, i, or Copper are all in a half mile radius without the uptown parking hassle.
          If not, then Pineville offers some decent staples that are not too pricy: Bombay Grill for Indian, Trio's has been in Charlotte forever, nothing extavagant but solid. Ilios Noche was mentioned on another thread, it is definitely a good choice.
          Take a look at the charlotte BBq thread, you'll be in the same basic area of Charlotte.
          If you go to the South Park area, there are plenty of good finds like Zebra and Biblioteque

          1. re: jlwnc

            We were underwhelmed by Bibliotheque and Bon Terra. They were both overpriced for the mediocre quality of the food, though they're Charlotte's version of places where people go for the name, not the food. Our 2 favorites were Arpa, which has OUTSTANDING tapas - probably the best restaurant we tried at Charlotte. And Sonoma Modern American. If you like foie gras, this is the place to go in Charlotte. McNinch House was pretty good, also, but Sonoma & Arpa definitely take the prize for sheer quality of the cuisine.

            For something less expensive, we liked Bubba's Barbeque on Sunset Road and Monterrey Mexican Restaurant up in the University area.
            Heather W

            1. re: jlwnc

              I second your recs for Trio and Ilios Noche... Trio is very reliable and family friendly without lacking in atmosphere, innovative cuisine and a unique vibe. Ilios noche is also a favorite... I've never been disappointed here... local, fresh foods w/ a italian/mediterranean vibe... very, very good. Firebirds is a good standby for family friendly... it's basicly a steak house w/ a colorado lodge feel.

              1. re: lynnlato

                Forgot about Firebirds. I used to go to lunch there. They have a great salmon salad and steak salad. Of course, the home baked bread countered any good I did by having a salad! I didn't like Joey D's Italian next door to Firebirds though.

            2. re: scpierce

              Sorry, but I have to strongly disagree with the recommendation of Fenwick's. There is nothing good about this establishment. I wanted it to be good, as I live within walking distance, but no one in our party of 4 had anything positive to say about our meals there, and we each ordered something different off the menu - including chicken pot pie (bland bland bland), steak (ordered medium rare, arrived well done), the catch of the day (no seasoning whatsoever), onion rings (way overcooked and more greasy than acceptable, even for onion rings), side salads (included iceburg lettuce) - honestly, we might as well have been eating at Shoney's. No joke. The atmosphere is cramped with zero charm (the use of "quaint" above is laughable). The service was average at best. Sorry, but I had to chime in on this one - I just can't let an out of towner waste a meal at Fenwick's when there are so many other good offerings in town. I know everyone has their own tastes and opinions, but...

          2. We like Dolce on Kenilworth and Volare on Elizabeth's for Italian. Manzetti's behind South Park is a very good steak/chicken/ribs place and a good value compared to the Palm's of the world and would be fine for your 12 yr old. Wan Fu near Carolina Place Mall is pretty good Chinese. Mac's on South might be fun for your 12 yr old and is an interesting burger/bbq place. Second the recommendation for Pewter Rose for breakfast.

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            1. re: artlee

              wow... ok so maybe don't listen to my suggestions! lol

              don't get me wrong, clt has a lot to offer. i can only comment on the places i've been in the past and enjoyed. time changes places tho.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. Coming in toward Charlotte from the Matthews area...
                You can hit up Lupie's on Monroe Road. Other choices are Crisp on 7th Street (for light lunch - make your own salads), the Penguin, Dish, and John's Country Kitchen (southern breakfast) are all fun places on Central Avenue area.