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Jun 7, 2007 06:20 AM

coney island/brighton beach nibbles?

gonna bike down to coney island with the kiddies today, since there is no school.

thinking of going to totonno's, since difara's is closed, as far as i know.

any other places (besides M&I) to stop for good nibbles or small meals?

I remember there were some post about a georgian bread place last year, but i couldn't find them doing a search. Anyone remember where it is?

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  1. Topping my list for that area when I get to NY later this month is Cafe Kashkar, which serves food from northwest China's Xinjiang Province, a.k.a. East Turkestan.


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      I was going to suggest Kashkar, BB Ave at BB15th. Lamb skewers, lamb dumplings, little meat pies...yum!
      Down BBAve towards Coney Island from there are several great bakeries and food stores with lots of delectable items to try.

    2. There is an excellent shish kebab place on the corner of Coney Island Ave/Brighton Beach. I don't remember the name, but you can see the guy in the window make them. Of course you can always take your kiddies for a pie at Totonno's.

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        The place is called Eastern Feast. Kebabs are quite good and I remember their borscht was pretty good as well.

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          MMM yes and cold Baltika on tap...

      2. I'll be looking for this place on my visit in a couple weeks. Georgian Bread at 265 Neptune. I hope its still there. The old posts about it sound very intriguing. Post back if you find it, please.

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          It's definitely there. My parents live right next to it. It's on the corner of Brighton 5th Street and Neptune Avenue. Start on the intersection of Brighton Beach Avenue and Brighton 5th Street and go down (away from the ocean) two blocks. It's a small hole in the wall but the bread is delicious.

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            Fabula, would you know what time they close? (fridays, if that matters) TIA