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Jun 7, 2007 05:53 AM

Any new ideas for salmon cakes?

Hubby has requested salmon cakes for dinner. Mine tend to have the consistency of hockey pucks and no pizazz...Anybody use something other than the standard breadcrumb, green onion, mayo, mustard method?


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  1. I think you could do this with salmon, but I have a new personal favorite... tuna/shrimp cakes. One can of tuna, a couple of cups thawed frozen cooked shrimp chopped fine, one egg yolk, white bread or roll crumbs (about a cup), 1 Tbs mayo. Mix, form into patties and saute over medium/medium high heat in a little oil, 3 minutes per side. Serve with lemon slices. We love it...had it last night in fact.

    1. Instead of the mayo and breadcrumbs, you could try substituting an egg and a leftover baked potato. After forming the cakes, roll them in some flour before frying. To add pizazz, try adding a few drops tabasco sauce, and perhaps a squirt of lemon juice.

      1. I always use fresh poached salmon, never the kind in the can...I also use Panko Bread Crumbs...In the mix, there is always chives and sauteed green and red peppers...The mustard is always creole, and I also add a bit of Tabasco...When made with fresh ingredients, salmon cakes are truly wonderful...I also serve them with either a homemade jalapeno tartar sauce or homemade remoulade sauce...Also, don't add too much of whatever kind of bread crumb you use...Always let them sit in the fridge to "set up" before you fry them....

        1. If you search this board for "salmon patties", you'll also turn up some threads with a variety of ideas

          1. Use left over mashed potatoes in the mix to bind the salmon -- about 1 cup potatoes to 16 oz of salmon. Instead of bread crumbs, roll in corn meal.

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              definitely mashed potatoes, maybe some chopped scallions in the mix, some chervil or tarragon and roll in matzah meal