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Jun 7, 2007 04:56 AM

Himalayan Bistro goat stew

Tried this nice little Nepali/Indian place in West Rox on Saturday. Pleasant atmosphere, friendly wait staff and a solid if unspectacular goat stew. Good level of spice and tender goat, all in all a toothsome lunch. A tasty peppery papadum alongside as well. The s.o. had the lunch buffet and said it was fine, though it looked slightly pedestrian to me. The only thing that i tried of hers was the naan, which was hot and savory.

Worth a try, and the Nepali specialties probably merit a little more exploration in the future.

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  1. I wonder if they ever offer Yak. It's not listed on their online menu.

      1. i just realized i called this "goat stew" when it was really a goat curry,

        1. I live in Needham and make the trip over to West Roxbury to go to Himalayan Bistro whenever the craving for Indian strikes me. The only Nepali thing I order is the vegetarian momos, which are a lovely appetizer. From the Indian side of the menu, I've mostly eaten vegetarian, and everything has been great. They take reservations on Open Table and I've always been able to find on-street parking. I highly recommend it!