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Jun 7, 2007 04:10 AM

Good or Great Pub Food in Chelsea

We'll be in Chelsea this evening for a meeting and thought we'd try a new pub. Good burgers and fish & chips are a plus. Any suggestions?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. i've never been, but when the weather is nice, there is always a crowd at the half king - tenth ave at 23rd st.

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      1. re: lilnugget

        Im guessing most everyone who sees this thread will have the Half King pop right into their head.

        Just a nice bar to relax in with very, very good pub food --great burger. A bit far west, but if you are anywhere close and looking for a pub environment, you should definitely go.

        1. re: lilnugget

          Went to Half King last night. They had an excellent burger and the atmosphere was laid back. Thought the service was good too. Would definitely go back.

        2. More in the MPD but Brass Monkey is good.

          1. Tavern on Jane , if you're will to go a little further south is great.

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              I second Tavern on Jane. I've heard that Flight151 has good burgers, but I've never been. Cafe de Buxelles is another out-of-Chelsea suggestion

            2. Half King is a pub I'll actually get in a cab to go to. If it makes sense to say it, it's a "destination pub." Though it's not sceney like Spotted Pig, and it's certainly not a gastropub .

              It's just a very good, solid pub with a very laid back vibe where you can get excellent burgers and pub-like things. You won't be disappointed if you want a pub. The other places mentioned are fine too, but they're not in chelsea.

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              1. re: egit

                never been to half king but is it like walkers in tribeca? anyone? anyone?

                1. re: ricky7

                  It's certainly bigger than Walkers. Honestly, I haven't been to walkers since probably 2003. As I recall it was pretty good. Since it was so long ago I'm not going to try to compare the two.

                  I've been to Half King probably once a month for the last 6 or so, and I don't think I've had anything that wasn't at least good. I've also never had a problem getting a table at HK. It's big enough that you can get a table, yet small enough that it still feels cozy. They have a nice (covered?) garden out back. It's covered in winter. I don't know when/if they uncover it in summer.

                  1. re: egit

                    Anyone been to Jake's saloon on 23rd and 7th avenue?

                    1. re: Dandel

                      Don't go!!!! Really pricey drinks and poor service. I think they charged us $7 for a coors light. Our bar total ended up being more than our dinner at RUB next door. There are MUCH better options in the area.