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Jun 6, 2007 09:07 PM

Ok, Vegas Hounds, Where is the Best Margarita on or near the Strip

Mr. Suebee and I are spending July 4th in Vegas and we are wondering where to find the best margarita. Ideally, we'd love to find one that's made with fresh lime juice and no sweet and sour. But if there are some that are just yummy, we want to know about those too.

The only suggestion I've received so far is Isla Tequila Bar in Treasure Island. Any others? Muchas Gracias!


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  1. If there is a better place than Isla, I would love to hear about it too! Isla's were GREAT. There is also a tequila bar in Bally's Casino, I had some pretty decent margaritas there as well

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      The most happening Margarita place on the Strip is Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville @ The can't miss it as you head down the is boistrous and fun!
      I can't vouch for the Margaritas being the best....but the Bartenders do put on a show .
      They offer a variety of Margaritas and tropical drinks!

    2. Best I have had is at Bobby Flay's mesa grill in caesars. Both the margaritas and mojitos are top of the line.

      Have one (or two) for me.

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        I think we're going to dinner one night at Mesa Grill so we'll make sure to try a margarita or two, thanks!

      2. The Border Grill in Mandalay Bay has great margaritas. I like ordering the ones that come in the shaker.
        Have fun!
        PS The food rocks, too!

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          the shaker one does sound good:
          Border Shaker
          handshaken with fresh lime and citronge
          serves two martini style margaritas
          i'll have to have a couple of those next week

        2. Thanks guys! We'll try to hit them all and will make sure to report back. Ole!

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            I didn't have a Margarita , but based on the on the other cocktails we had, you might try Sensi at Bellagio.

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              Suebro- I made reservations at sensi for next weekend based on recommendations but have been unable to get a menu. Im happy to hear that you recommend their margaritas... do you have any other recommendations for the restaurant or suggestions on what I can expect from the menu. Thanks.

          2. The Pink Taco at the Hard Rock has a great margarita on their list. It has Tres Generacions Anejo, sour mix, splash OJ, and a float of Negro Modelo. I am salivating as I think of this one!